Services We Provide

Community Hub

Our community hubs are Impact Hubs geared towards supporting the residents of communities in alleviating the challenges they are facing such as education depravation, teenage pregnancy, youth crime & violence, adult crime & violence, social care for the elderly etc. It is geared towards working with communities in the three (3) main areas of EDUCATION, HEALTH and SOCIAL CARE across the different age groups and this is achieved through our CONNECTED COMMUNITY strategy. Our community hub brings together a range of services, provided by a diverse range of organisations into one central community building. From support and learning, to advice and signposting, our community hub & CONNECTED COMMUNITY strategy is there to provide a local area with quality provision in a modern and welcoming space. In tackling the identified challenges within the families and communities, we will approach it in three (3) ways. They are: Specialist approach (delivering specialised programmes/interventions). Universal approach (delivering universal programmes/interventions). Targeted approach (delivering targeted programmes/interventions).

Parent Connect

Parent Connect is a special service offered by EDUCATE JAMAICA, which seeks to provide parents with the necessary support that will enable their children to achieve the desired outcomes both educationally and socially. Parent Connect is a partnership with parents that seeks to enable them to achieve their parenting goals.

Education & Social Support

Through our hubs and other initiatives we seek to support persons within the communities we work, with educational as well as social needs. The support we provide is means-tested and it seeks to help those most in need. Persons who are in need of support can contact us via our contact us page that is found on this website or send us an email:

Library Services

Our library service seeks to build a community of readers as well as develop the literacy skills of those most in need. We believe that reading is one of the key pillars of education and our library service is designed to support this. Our mini-library is delivered in partnership and is located within our community hub.


EDUCATE JAMAICA & PARTNERS is a bold initiative by EDUCATE JAMAICA that aims to bring together various individuals and organisations that share a common goal of a more educated Jamaica and in doing so, will see the establishment and delivery of a solid agenda engineered around greater returns on education and social capital investments.