Who we Are

EDUCATE JAMAICA is a Not-For-Profit organisation, which focuses on the development and innovation of the education sector in Jamaica. We are an education think tank, with a vision for education that is bold and ambitious and, our aim is to aid in creating a world-class education system that produces well-rounded individuals, who have been prepared adequately to contribute socially and economically to the society. Our focus is on all key stages of the education system, namely early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary and special education. Our impact will be felt through a number of local services we offer and our services aim to connect schools and communities as well as parents and young people. To achieve our aim, there are some areas that we intend to focus on. The areas are outlined below:

  • Conduct and facilitate extensive education research into the challenges and opportunities facing the education system
  • promote dialogue and debate about the future of education in Jamaica
  • foster the development of new policy initiatives, whilst encouraging social and educational innovation
  • encourage and facilitate good practice
  • introduce programmes that are based on practical evidence and quantifiable impact
  • promote a public-private partnership as a way forward to innovate the education sector