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EDUCATE JAMAICA's goal is to democratise education in Jamaica.
EDUCATE JAMAICA is a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise Organisation that has sought to create an education movement that will lead to a significant improvement in the democratisation of education in Jamaica. EDUCATE JAMAICA is the extraordinary parent for a number of local education brands and a number of special projects. We are an education behemoth movement and think tank that is focused on social change, undertaken through development and innovation within the education sector of Jamaica. EDUCATE JAMAICA was established in 2012 as a Jamaican-owned global independent new media education & technology organisation (A Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise Organisation). We've combined our new media education and technology platform, with our think tank and key education services platform. EDUCATE JAMAICA is described by key individuals in the education sector as one of the most remarkable corporate styled premium brands in education and a leading authority in education and education related matters. 

EDUCATE JAMAICA is an education ecosystem, which combines and fosters all of our education products, services and brands within the ecosystem. EDUCATE JAMAICA seeks to democratise education in Jamaica via the work of its education ecosystem by advocating, promoting the delivery of the highest standard and quality education improvement outcomes through the use of proven best practice and best models.  

This ecosystem brings together all the education stakeholders within the industry.  The EDUCATE JAMAICA ecosystem comprises of 6 divisions. They are the Community Hubs Division, EJM (Advisory & Consulting Division), The Living & Learning Division, Education News & Publications Division, Jobs In Education (recruitment services division) and last but not least, The Education Marketplace Division.

EDUCATE JAMAICA is a positive disruptor, lending our voice to the cause and development of education and subsequently have collaborated with many individuals, organizations, and companies who share our cause and seeks to work with anyone who puts the educational interest of the Jamaican people at the forefront.


1. To Make a Difference in the local education sphere.

2. To have an impact in the local education sphere.

3. To add value to the local education sphere.

Our vision for education is bold and ambitious and, our aim is to democratize education in Jamaica as well as aid in creating a world-class education system that produces well-rounded individuals, who have been prepared adequately to contribute socially and economically to the society. Our focus is on all key stages of the education system, namely early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary and special education. 
To achieve our aim, there are some areas that we intend to focus on. These areas are outlined below:
  • Promote innovation in education
  • To advocate for a greater role for the private sector in the education sector
  • To invest heavily in our education publications
  • To facilitate extensive discussions/forums/education research into the challenges and opportunities facing the education system
  • Promote dialogue and debate about the future of education in Jamaica
  • Encourage the development of new policy initiatives, whilst encouraging social and educational innovation
  • Encourage and facilitate good practice
  • Introduce programmes that are based on practical evidence and quantifiable impact
  • to introduce programmes at the community level that will improve the educational levels of the citizens of Jamaica
  • Encourage and Promote a public-private partnership as a way forward to improve innovation in the education sector


Ainsworth Darby M.A. B.ed (hons) Dip.ed

Founder & Chairman