Philippines, officially known as Republic of the Philippines is a island country located in the Southeast Asia. Demonym: Philippine, Filipino Government: Absolute monarchy led by Emperor Duterte legislature Senate Population: 289,765,000 (4th largest) Established: May 20, 1899 (Naval Coup) Independence: from Spain declared May 20, 1899 recognized June 12, 1903 (Treaty of Havana) Currency: Philippine peso Time Zone: UTC+7, UTC+8, UTC+9 Calling Code: 231 level 2. Negros is one of the many islands that comprise the Visayas, in the central part of the country.The predominant inhabitants of the island region are mainly called Negrenses (locally Negrosanons).As of 2015, the total population of Negros is 4,414,131. Negros / ˈ n eɪ ɡ r ɒ s / is the fourth largest island in the Philippines, with a total land area of 13,309 km 2 (5,139 sq mi). Banque de dépannage linguistique de l'Office québécois de la langue française; Organisation des Nations-Unies (United Nations Statistics Division, Millennium Indicators) DGLF (Délégation générale à la langue française) 10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Philippines. This is not always true, for example, France → French; Philippines → Filipino or Pilipino. Demonym(s) Filipino (masculine or neutral) Filipina (feminine) Pinoy (colloquial masculine) ... Pilipinas [ˌpɪlɪˈpinɐs]), offeecially kent as the Republic o the Philippines (Filipino:Republika ng Pilipinas), is a kintra in Sootheast Asie in the wastren Paceefic Ocean. It is located in the area of Pacific Ring of Fire that is why it is very prone to earthquakes and typhoons. Just joking. In many cases, both the location's name and the demonym are created by using a suffix, for example England and English and Englishman. The Philippines is an island country. Spain (1521-1898) and the United States (1898-1946), colonized (controlled) the country and Palau, which is on the eastern side of the Philippine Sea.The capital city of the Philippines is Manila.. Like malaysia is malaysian, indonesia is indonesian, singapore is singaporean, then philippines will be philippinean? List of adjectivals and demonyms for Mexico; List of adjectivals and demonyms for New Zealand; List of adjectivals and demonyms for the Philippines; List of adjectivals and demonyms for cities; List of adjectivals and demonyms for former regions. Thank you for becoming a member. The Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean.It has 7,641 islands. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. More specifically, the Philippines is an archipelago that is also considered a nation. As part of Southeast Asia, the Philippines is made up of approximately 7,641 separate islands.To make the situation less overwhelming, the Philippines has … How about adapting from our fellow asian demonym. It … Filipino(a), Philippine, Philippinean are all acceptable, it is a matter of choice and preference as there are no arbitrary rules regarding the use of a Philippine demonym. References []. The demonym suffixation for Filipino is: "(en)(in)o". Can you name the geographic demonyms? Demonym: Filipino (General and Masculine) Filipina (Feminine) Pinoy (Colloquially Masculine) Pinay (Colloquially Feminine) ... Philippines has steadily gained currency as the common name since being the name used in Article VI of the 1898 Treaty of Paris, with or without the definite article. The Philippines and East Timor are the only nations in East Asia where most people are Christians.