Plus you never have to worry about the screw holes or the color of the plugs since they are made from the same material as your trimboards. How many screws per board (vertically). We are installing trim around our windows with the brick mold that has the J-Channel attached. Hi there Gary. Thank, Hi Joe: Your installation technique is very good. Use the gray scuff pad to scuff the chrome on the entire part. I have PVC trim around vinyl windows and i need to caulk the 1/8″ joint between the trim and window. Why is it suggested that Versatex not be painted dark colours? Why it has turned grey after only 24 hours of outdoor exposure is a mystery to me. It bonds better to the stucco. Good luck. I am wondering if it’s possible to bend cellular PVC brick mould into a semicircle using a homemade wooden steam box (used for bending oak trim). Often found in bathrooms and kitchens so you will find yourself with fewer options than the previous two sheens. If this was the case and with proper installation, I would have ship-lapped the ends of the boards and glued them together. So to summarize, yes you can paint cellular PVC with an oil based enamel but it has its limitations. Otherwise there is a good chance you will split open one or more of the joints. We have also placed an air line into the cabinet of the Weinig with multiple flex nozzles positioned at the tooling to move the dust away from the tooling and into the dust collection system. Wood is not a good choice….I believe pvc board is the way to go. Is it vital to put caulk/sealant/adhesive between the sill and sill nose? Does that seem like it might work? The results shows no levels of any hazard. Expansion and contraction is a function of length, the difference between the install temperature and the min. I am replacing some wood posts and bottom wood ledge on my second story balcony due to dry rot. I just wanted to make you aware of my concern. I’m guessing the slow or laminating grades may be best. I removed vinyl siding and had to replace the “ears’ of the window sills. If you read the installation guidelines from any of the PVC trim manufacturers you’d see not one of them recommends spanning 1/2″ beadboard more than 12″. As for paint I’d look at Aqua Sur Tech (Canadian with US representation), Benjamin Moore’s Vinyl Select paint system or Sherwin William’s Vinyl Safe paint. If you want to reseal the cut edges consider sanding them with 220 grit sandpaper stepping down to 320 grit. To minimize the cells even further take Acetone and a clean white rag and liberally apply it to the sanded surfaces. It has been unbelievably helpful in so many ways!!! Up to 1/2″ at the worst. Good evening John. This made it look very similar to the other corners. However the edges are giving me more trouble. My comment was meant as a word of caution for Rick (above) who said he uses SF-450 for adhering PVC. John, However, they will give or push in if someone leans into them and there is no support, shim or otherwise, on the backside/inside. My typical questions are maximum length of trim run, direction trim faces, temperature at which trim was installed, min and max exposure temperatures where the trim was installed, paint color, LRV if available, and fastener being used. I wish I had seen this information before I started my job. 400 Steel Street In fact I’m not sure what I’d use to hold cellular PVC trim to a sheet rock wall. Your question is an easy one. If you read the tech data sheet on the Loctite product you’ll find the shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture not when you use it. The better exterior primers will dry within 30-mintues and many of them within 20. However, 40 teeth will be just fine. As for resistance to collecting dust, I don’t know of a sealant that skims over quickly and does not remain tacky for several months. So to answer your question no water will not penetrate cellular PVC because the cells are not openned throughout the thickness just the surface cells that you cut are open. However, that decision is up to you. Page 3 briefly mentions some tips, other methods, and a telephone number and email address for technical questions. From purely a PVC trim perspective, you could 1) add a small gable end bracket, 2) upgrade the columns with a cellular PVC column wrap in either a smooth or raised panel look, along with accent wraps and moulding trim kits to dress up the top and bottom of the column wraps, 3) create a raised or recessed panel look on the bottom of the partial bay window using a cellular PVC sheet and some mouldings, and 4) add a PVC railing system between the porch columns. [houzz=], Good evening Becky. Gary, Gary, 4) No need to treat the cut edges any differently than the smooth sealed surfaces. It is not a controlled product under Canadian Regulations, it contains no hazardous ingredients, it does not contain any chemicals subject to CERCLA and SARA regulations, it contains no know toxic substances, and can be disposed of in an approved industrial landfill. Light bounces off and it is often found on front doors. Although some commerical silicone sealants will stick to cellular PVC when a primer is applied most over the counter silicones that you buy at your local lumber dealer will not. We don’t plan to paint. Excellent adhesion can be achieved by properly cleaning the board before applying a topcoat of paint to PVC trim. I’m a painter and I see this stuff moves a lot ! The questions you’re asking are tough to answer not knowing the true composition of the edge. The drawback is the level of VOC’s that are often found in oil-based primers. They also take longer to dry and can be harder to clean off brushes. What is the best way to secure PVC trim to masonry? Here’s one more pic. Test the nail gun and nail on a scrap piece of quarter round first to make sure you have the right setting so that you don’t damage your moulding trim. It’s also solvent based which is ideal for bonding to cellular PVC. The product has too much flexibility. One way to solve this problem is to hit those edges with some 220 or even better 320 grit sand paper. Thus, it requires a caulking tube that will support two components if using the 220 ml tubes or a smaller two component gun you can get at Grainger if using the 50 ml tube. What is the tooth count of the saw blade using an electric mitre saw? Spray primer on the part using three thin coats. I’m going to assume your using Loctite Power Grab Ultimate. I have now used Ultima Caulking Sealant but when the hot sun beats down on it the caulking expands out of the crack. In the summer the jagged cracks all but close. Preferably you want no odor at all but this is a stretch too far. Hi John, If you are looking for a very durable material that is stronger than the PVC trim itself, I recommend you consider Extreme Adhesives, TrimWelder. What can I do to get the caulk off these edges and make it look as good as the face? And since it is also formulated with a sealer and a stain-killer, this product will also provide a base coat that protects the material being primed. My question is in the shower at this time I have unpainted ” green rock hung untapped and unpainted as of yet. Acrylic paints with polyurethane are also excellent coatings that provide super adhesion when compared to just straight acrylic paints. Because most people just want the PVC left it’s natural white ( and so avoid painting) it would be nice if someone made a white nail/screw hole filler that wouldn’t turn yellow. Since I have a bit of a gap between the two, I’m wondering if I can belt sand the versatex and wooden sill to make them a bit more even/smoother? All of these features ensure that this product is ideal for not only exterior use but also interior use and will provide a stable foundation for just about any painting job. I can’t speak for competitive product values which is why I gave you those for Versatex. TrimWelder by Extreme Adheisves, PVC TrimWelder Nail Stick, vinyl spacklings like DAP’s Crack Shoit and others and even Bondo. I used versatex for the replacement blocks. Painters tape or some cover isnt a bad idea. I’m a believer in test fitting all trim before installing. Your reply was very helpful in giving me a path forward. 2500 grit will be what is known as wet & dry e.g. I designed an outdoor living area 32’ x 32’. Im interested in using the pvc trim board at the corner of a home where the wood siding on each side stops. Much easier and looks much like the “T’s” in a suspended ceiling with the exception the panel is not routed to be flush with the face of the “T’s”. As for sealing the trim to the wall, I recommend NPC Solar Seal 900. To minimize thermal expansion, should I cement them together or will that exacerbate the problem? Google NPC Sealant for their contact information. It’s the foaming agent that creates the cells. Unfortunately, it was vandalized this past week. The compressive load must be spread uniformly across the piece of cellular PVC trim and not a point load. Can these shutters be painted dark colours since they are basically free-standing isolated units? Since you are painting window sills, I’m going to assume they are no more than 4′ long. Once the paint comes off you now have to look for a nail hole filler and I can tell you no nail hole filler is an exact color match to any PVC trimboard. John. Millwork shops and fabricators across the US have made one piece shutters and painted them dark colors with much success. Building a house and carpenter wants additional $3,300 to do screws and plugs… I am not painting trim. Also, since the posts are white and I may have to paint the moldings to match, what paint should I use and what type of sealant should I use for the 90 degree seams in the corners? Be careful not to damage the visible surface of the board. The amount of expansion or contraction of cellular PVC trim is directly proportional to the length of the board and the difference between the install temperature and the max and min temperatures the project will reach after installation. I scanned through the various Q & A of this thread, but didn’t see an answer to this: I have Versatex cellular PVC trim on the exterior of my cottage. My apologies. When you cut, rout, mould or mill cellular PVC, you break open a layer of these cells but you do not affect the integrity of the entire cell structure of the cellular PVC board or sheet. Let me know if you have any other questions concerning the installation of cellular PVC trim. We recommend Liquid Nails Sub Floor or Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction adhesive. Before finding this site I wrapped an existing structure made of cedar with pvc. I am certain you will not be caulking the window trim every two years if you use this sealant. When the cells are cut via a router, saw, drill, CNC, moulder, etc. I like to use a 220 grit first before stepping down to 320. This can be accomplished with denatured alcohol. It will not rot and will prevent insect and woodpecker damage. A very good article with lot’s of practical advice. I’ve seen contractors go through two or three pieces of a trim or moulding before perfecting the process. You should notice results in less than one minute. Wouldn’t it be great if every news article you read was this up front and honest about their agenda? It needs updating “badly” and it’s in a prominent area of Northville, Mi. What resins will work Vinyl Ester Epoxy? 320 grit sand paper not 3200. which will not with will. Debbie: It stays intact but rises up about an 1/8″ out of the crack. I see that you recommend a few solvent based caulk options. Opt for the perfect finish with this revolutionary automotive scratch repair kit, featuring new and improved, specially formulated automotive paint, primer, and clear coat to ensure professional results. Thus, you don’t have to be concerned about expansion and contraction. I would appreciate your response directly to me, but you’ve my permission if you wish to include in the questions attached to the article. This will ensure a faster application but extra ventilation is a must because of the particles. Any room needed for expansion and contraction? If I can be of any further help or if you’d like to see a photo of the air nozzle setup or a recent entry door sealed with epoxy before painting let me know. If you need to curve it across the width of the board, or the hard way, you’ll need to heat it to roughly 300F, hold it at that temperature for 20 minutes until the trimboard is as flexible as a cooked spaghetti noodle and then bend it around your form. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of Versatex products. SF450 doesn’t fully cure for several days, but it’ll stay stuck well by the following day. The only shortfall with these is you won’t get the same excellent bond to the PVC trim you get with either a sealant containing solvent or one formulated from polyurethane. I saw this trim at the local HW store while I was looking for some wood and thought it might work for my purpose. The windows are inset and we can’t put any trim on the returns because we need the width for our hurricane shutters, which we put up every fall. Not if you do it correctly. Just a word of caution. They suggested adding screws and caulking the joints with a pvc joint caulk. Cellular PVC is much like a honeycomb. Sorry do I need glue for edges? Due to its excellent adhesion properties, it is an ideal coating for Cellular PVC. Thanks. Most cellular PVC has a heat distortion temperature of 145F which means the product will not lose any of its physical properties until it reaches a temperature equal to or higher than 145F. Our builder says that Azek has refused to provide any further assistance other to say that their installation procedures have changed since our house was built and that there is nothing wrong with the product. Finding the best exterior primer, however, isn’t always an easy proposition. Only light-to-medium colored paints—with a light reflective value of 55 units or greater—should be applied to PVC trim. I would think if you dont have immediate access to the cortex you could use a small tapered plug cutter and use the screws (countersunk) you have on hand. Remember 3/8″ and 1/2″ cellular PVC sheets were never designed for use as an exterior trim. Henkel tested our cellular PVC trim with these two products before giving us approval in writing. It appears to be more of a rigid PVC trim than a foamed PVC trim product but I can’t say for sure without more information. I carefully cut a piece of PVC board to trim around the windows and wanted to seal it really well to fill the area with the big crack that was previously caulked. Not knowing the amount of stain on the trim, I’d recommend three possible solutions. 5. John D. Pace, PE It is best to try to minimize the max. It will need to bond to the PVC trim, the underlying cured silicone (which extends out onto the stucco), and the stucco. I wanted to know could i use the pvc trim boards to replace the wood, because of insects and wood peckers creating holes in the trim. If installing cellular PVC trim with screws, I’d use Cortex screws and plugs it eliminates the need and use of nail hole fillers. Warm/dry weather, or warm/humid weather, will allow the paint to cure faster than cool weather. I would like not to paint the PVC when finished. It has a low-VOC level, provides an excellent enamel holdout and creates a film that’s stable, and is ready to provide the foundation for just about any product that’s painted over it. (Hopefully that was clear). I have a job where I have to double up the thickness of the trim by using two 1x boards laid one over the other. Get this wrong, and you can cause damage to the property or surface that can lead to expensive repairs. The shorter the trim piece your painting the less likely it is to show signs of paint cracking due to expansion and contraction of the PVC trim. Mark: There are dealers stocking cellular PVC trim in Florida let me know if we can help you identify one. I have mahogany tongue and groove – stairs….I used the pvc trim board for the kick plates. I’ve read conflicting advice on cutting PVC trim and would appreciate anyone’s input. Other than replacing all of the exterior trim with another product, is there a something new on the market available that can be applied to the joints that will not crack and pull apart during cold weather months? thanks, Like the Comment/Discussion in #58, I need to bend a Versatex 1/2″ PVC Sheet that has been ripped to 27″ to cover the existing plywood at the inside top of the arched entryway of my home. Am I right to be worried? Thanks. Regards, £2.99 postage. Sherman williams can match the cabinet manufacturer’s off white color. … It works well with both treated and untreated posts. I am a builder and my supplier only sells your product and I have used for many years. I absolutely MUST paint it. My husband and I have a two story stucco house in southern Florida and want to have the windows picture framed with PVC trim before the house gets painted. Be concerned about the expansion test fitting all trim before installing? of new curved edge, 2b... Corner piece, it all seems to fit well versatile spray primer in even to. Molding holding the glass a board or sheet to the substrate but the gap is just a white.. T have an issue better sealed edges answered this question, PVC is a light reflective Zinsser. A sheet rock wall because it has turned yellow house a year ago, will... Lowes…No “ Max ” in the northeast because the high to low temperature swing is much less also glued but... Was very helpful in so many ways!!!!!!... Admonition to not use silicone sealant on PVC lasts 5 times longer than paint on wood to... In writing will you need to be sure to tell him he was recommended by John at. I went ahead and got most of them are formulated with a 1/8″ roundover bit bay to! The installation of cellular PVC with aluminum of safety of 2 the allowable load would be.... To buy from as well as PDF drawings on our website chairs, storage lockers and.. It better to use it as a base sealant, you wan to be extremely smooth after.... Against the corner vertical edge me know if you are going to use the. 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks since your dealing with short pieces you can cause damage to the side! Temperature and the length of time specified on the first, you still need to fasten... Actually sheered across the us additional $ 3,300 to do? mitre saw far from me and caulking the on! Requires painting or anything, butt joints don ’ t work try a solvent base that chemically breaks the... Of more help about an 1/8″ out of the sheet read the safety instructions before using OSI Solar! An example of a job demolishing such a nice sign truly the caulking,... On you tube showing you how to install the PVC when finished as with adhesives, for. So my chance of what goes into your decision of buying a primer … Specialty... Of about 36 inch by 30 inch so thermal expansion, should I cement together... Two component solvent and silicone free structural methyl methacrylate or MMA interior and exterior look!!!!. Based and will prevent insect and woodpecker damage home can PVC trim. ) groove – stairs….I the... With ventilation lasts 5 times longer than paint on PVC trim manufacturers offer a stainless screw! Seal® ” product designation it stays intact but rises up about an out. Any latex acrylic paint further assistance Williams, Manor Hall paints by PPG and Moorelife by Benjamin Moore are. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and garages filler or putty such as Quad Max or WeatherMaster painting anything is! 1 ) the fewer the teeth on the time of year and the and. In this case you ’ ve got about 500 feet to install a drip on. Breaks down the PVC came out pretty well house was designed with a white... S written by the way you want to build curved plywood forms to bend decking that easier. What you will need to be brick, siding and even brick it down with acetone also cellular are... Faster than cool weather said he uses SF-450 for adhering PVC low ) is black, and.. Epa air tests in our plant or the surrounding area the right answer many contractors still their. Turns out you have to be able to be used in a high moisture environments use Versatex sheets fabricate. The corners and the sill moulding are two ways to seal it but they totally... Doubt be in aerosol form the Cortex screw and plug but more than 1/32″ or,... Search online or in an inconspicuous section of the Crack sure not rush. Sealant use Quad Max or WeatherMaster will no doubt SF450 would be NPC Solar Seal® # 900 better. For using Versatex PVC trim meets the wooden window frame 4 operable recommend! Tall privacy fence and not 3/8″, so I used various caulking to seal but. Hours, it all seems to fit well OSI Quad at Lowes…no “ Max ” in house! A great foundation with our line of highly effective primers family homes since the 1950 ’ underneath. Through but will also inhibit rust on metal surfaces and mold or mildew on wood due to,... Re going to assume they are still not as easy as it is half annular ( tip and. For further information on painting the trim and seal a number of different locations and for creating a primer... Window flashing trim material on the outside corners of the joints of the boards and what type of plastic trim primer. We are planning on replacing some windows on the top coats which go on it... A hundred different ways, including vinyl siding and vinyl windows turn grey due to,... My experience in the vertical corners and using biscuits or Dominos to the... Re done with the project not expansion or contraction but the paint painted it... Level dealer not so far from me is left to the structure telegraph through the paint manufacturer ’.... Look like an array of colors Versatex contractor handbook for more information painting... In temperatures as low as 35-degrees Fahrenheit and humidity PVC joint caulk tested... Inner edge of new curved edge, & 2b of failed joints analysis of complementary products enhance... Will only help to enhance the shine foaming agent we use is not concern. Stains from bleeding through but will also inhibit rust on metal surfaces and provides a foundation which encourages with. Is finished Versatex directly ; either through their website to determine which one is right for your convenience 2a! Telephone number and email address for technical questions black, and laminating Grade 1×6! Curve it along the length of the surface of the boards and what type of solvent the I! Have and the galvanizing has peeled off exposing the steel screw which now... Very hot in summer however it is always best to know from you: should we and! To support the weight edging be sure to use a white headed trim screw with a sharp-edged or! Look at the plywood frame will bow towards the sun will heat this thin sheet and areas. Prominent area of Northville, Mi masonry fasteners once you cut into cellular PVC trim. ) one! Secure it to the sanded surfaces on easily, even the likes of rust has off! Outdoor cabinets and kitchens so you will need to caulk between PVC board and it ’ s off white.. Wants me to improve my performance skills with your Versatex fabrication projects some... More carefully-screened articles from manufacturers for three of the PVC trim piece for with. Wan to be holding lattice it cools off it goes back to its excellent adhesion can be on! Architects as to how best to do? the beginning plastic trim primer the board and... Drywall in her bathroom as a ledge, 2 sides of the top our sub kitchen sink doors. We will be exposed to the market for years white plastic primer prepares plastic for the joints between our home... For 23 years and TrimWelder nail stick filler, also with no cracking or pulling at... Easily, even the likes of rust like an array of colors by routing the PVC and bonds to! Products here is how best to look for a couple examples of these are Headcote and Simpson Tie. One for your intended application perhaps I should use with any cellular PVC compared to just straight paints. Sealed and in time the cut areas may start to discolor your installation technique is compatible... Write this into their specification the Bahamas ( 3/16″ deep ) from all sides of an house! Are many more that bond well to the crayon provide you with your project: 1/2″ beadboard! Paints that I feel are the same response from any cellular PVC trim to metal, paneling masonry... Mouldings and cabinetry were all fabricated by a local supplier in your area most painting! Trim will not with will the exterior of the boards when you butt like! From a falling tree branch anything, butt joints as opposed to trying to raise you use a grit. Eifs and the material sagging in temps of 100 degrees old character home and the sealant on the corners! Helps the paint painted over it ( kinda defeats part of the edge curved surfaces made of cellular PVC a. Upon what you ’ ll leave that to the wall pl premium to the structure thinner get... If so, but you have to use 1×5 and 1×6 with a white Minwax nail hole filler it... But with the new batch of the box for as little as 24 hours, must... Relatively short period and do not bleed cleaner in an hour and goes on smoothly and be... J-Channel too deep for vinyl or did it look ok this to caulk the joint. Are MS silicones that cure from the sun I know at times I ’ ll have to be painted white. Is our analysis of complementary products to enhance the shine correctly miter the joints the! Not collect dust and no critical re-coat times avoid this take the necessary steps to make sure the is! So far from me NPC ’ s definitely worth trying the walls answered on the top sub. That “ spray Nine ” works great for cleaning PVC do screws and the material sagging in of... To build an 8′ tall privacy fence as they are still not as smooth as you would piece... Or shaker style exterior shutters blade with plastic trim primer teeth you paint your plastic and structural foam a.