Of course it is the one piece rod that will be the real performer in terms of casting performance and sensitivity. This will help with both your distance and accuracy and improve your fishing. The longer the rod, the further you can cast as you’ll get a bigger load and therefore more momentum. The composite is also what allows this rod to be so affordable but it also makes it heavy. When you pair a good, lightweight trout fishing rod with the best trout spinning reel, you’ll have all the gear you need to cast and reel in fish. A combo is a great option fr someone who is just tarting out. The faster the action, the more sensitive a rod is, meaning you’ll feel any fish bites a lot more. The rod is made from premium SCII graphite, a mid-modulus graphite fiber that makes the rod light, durable, sensitive, and affordable. The range has a variety of actions and powers that can satisfy pretty much any fisherman. A medium-light rod power will allow you to enjoy trout fishing for smaller fish and be more versatile as it will handle larger fish species. The slightest bit of weight on trout rods can cause them to snap if they are left on the ground. The strong premium graphite pole is strong enough to fight a stubborn trout but remains sensitive enough to catch them trying to steal your bait. The quality, performance, and durability are undeniable. Why You Need a Trout Spinning Reel. Then G.Loomis is the pole to go for. This spinning rod is also made out of durable SCII graphite, but also has minima guides that can save up to 30% of the rod’s weight. Heavy rods cause fatigue when fishing on the water, especially when doing your best trout fishing, as you’ll be casting and retrieving the entire time. It’s made from top materials, has all the features you’ll need from a dedicated smaller species rod, and your wallet will be smiling at the prospect. No longer does traveling for work or vacation require an angler to leave his own rod and reel behind or to have to rely on bait shop rentals once they arrive at … Looking for a rod that might be with you forever? Best Spinning Rod for Trout Reviews Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2. The top end of the line is perhaps a little high for trout fishing but is ideal in terms of versatility. Any time someone came into the shop looking for a backpacking fishing rod, we would show … Whether you want some dedicated rods or some all-rounders, is up to you. An older fiberglass rod are pretty durable and can handle a bit more abuse than the modern ones. Each one’s a winner in its own right and they all have their different strengths…. Travel and pack rods are spinning and casting rods designed with the traveling or backpacking angler in mind. Best Bang for the Buck– St Croix Triumph Travel Spinning Rod Back when I worked at a fishing outfitter, we couldn't keep enough of these rods on the shelf. Although the limited line range does make targetting larger fish a bit of a no-no. You would still get the benefit of the graphite in the spinning rod but for a smaller price. You want the trout to give you a run for your money. Best Bang for the Buck- St. Croix Triumph The Winner (Best Ultralight Spinning Rod): G.Loomis Trout & Panfish Series The Gary Loomis Trout and Panfish Series spinning rods win by a landslide. Both the guides and the reel seat are durable and perform well, but you might need to keep checking the reel seat is tight. G.Loomis are one of the best manufacturers around. Their Eagle range of spinning rods is an exceptionally well balanced spinning rod with some great casting characteristics. Fenwick are the original innovators in the graphite rod building world. 1. The aim is to experience the excitement of catching them, rather than just winching them in. Ugly Stik have managed to create an even better trout rod than the much loved original GX2 series of rods. Trout live in often beautiful lakes and rivers that are found in almost every state. Most users will want to go with the 6.8′ ft rod as the nearly 8′ long rod is just way too long for most applications. This article may contain affiliate links. It is made of stainless steel that provides a top-end quality for ice fishing. As an Amazon Associate when you buy through links on our site, we earn from qualifying purchases. The perfect rod for throwing light lures or bait on a variety of different water types. Copyright text 2021 by Trout Rods. If you’re on a budget you could look to a graphite composite fishing rod, which is when graphite is mixed with fiberglass. Ugly Stik GX2 is the Best Spinning Rod for Trout. Ugly Stik Elite – Best Spinning Rod For Trout . Weight is also affected by the reel you choose and is worth thinking about when looking for a reel to pair with your rod. It is slim, and that makes it easy to travel with. Furthermore, it is excellent for freshwater fish like trout, walleye, and bass. My advice is not to focus on weight as a buying factor initially but to focus on all the other more important features first. A seven foot road is rarely suitable for a small stream or river. From shark fishing in Australia to teasing shy brown trout out of streams in Ireland, you cannot beat the quality and price of these rods. It uses a carbon fiber blend only G. Loomis uses and is an amazing performance rod. The most important reason to choose a travel fly rod is portability. For better tip sensitivity and more accurate casting with light lures a fast action rod is preferred. Slow rods will bend near the butt section, a medium in the middle, and a fast action rod at the tip. Loomis are one of the best at making rods in my opinion, and if I had the money, I would only buy from them. The action, power, length, and line range on the rod is aimed at smaller fish, ideal if you want a dedicated rod for them, but it does reduce its versatility. At a Glance: Travel & Pack Rods . An rod that is rated for line in the 2 to 6 lbs range is generally the best option. This is the one to choose. Ideal Power Rating. Trout Rods is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. They also offer an ultralight model 8 foot in length which is fairly rare and only really applicable if you need to cast very light lures a long distance. Graphite and carbon fiber are much stronger, powerful, and more sensitive materials. For the most part the best trout spinning rods are built from Graphite. The largest line to use on this rod is 10lbs, which is a heavy enough line for those trophy targets. The balance of quality and affordability make these rods ideal for fishing trout and other small species. The best rod power rating for trout is either ultralight, light, or medium-light power rating. Action -Medium; The 5 weight 8’6″ Orvis Helios 3F might be the best weight fly rod for trout fishing. In a Field and Stream review of the "Best of the Best" ultralight rods, one reviewer claimed it was "like fishing with a feather". And you’ll see a lot of people using them when trout fishing. The rod bending near the butt section allows the full rod length to load, giving you extra momentum for your cast, and hopefully increasing your distance. You can read a full buying guide below here, You can also purchase a set up as one of the many combo's available. Outdoor gear-head and adventure addict. They use G. Loomis's proprietary "fiber blend" that gives a very crisp yet light feel to the rods and still enough power when it is needed. There's no point in pairing an expensive spinning reel with a sub-par rod. This does get tiring no matter what rod you choose, but the last thing you need is for your rod to hold you back. There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the best spinning rod for trout. The Best Spinning Rods for Trout 1. If you’re looking for the best performance, with the most durability. Ugly Stik managed to make a trout rod that was even better than the much-loved original GX2 rod collection. The guides and the reel holder are all top-notch. This unit is made of aero glass fiberglass that is highly durable and robust. That being said, some combos from $70 – … So look after you trout fishing pole if you want to ensure years of use out of it. If offers the best performance for the money than practically any other rod in it's price range. KastKing Perigee II — Most Comfortable Trout Rod. It actually provides the middle ground between carbon fiber, graphite, and fiberglass giving you the best of both worlds. A longer rod all things being equal will usually cast further than a shorter rod. A moderate action rod will start to bend further down the rod length in the middle one third. I have been fishing with Ugly Stik rods for too long to remember. This means you’ll feel the fight and have a great time trout fishing. Buy on Amazon. The longer fishing pole will require more energy to load the rod blank. Manufacturers like St Croix, G Loomis and Abu Garcia have built massive trust among fishermen for their brands and that trust is usually hard earned. The one piece designed guides are shaped into one smooth piece that allows line to run through them with minimal friction resulting in longer casts and greater precision. One model that performs very well, and is very well liked by anglers, is the St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod. Rod power describes how strong the rod blank is or in other words how heavy a line and lure that it is rated for. Ugly Stik®GX2™ Fishing Rod. Our trout spinning rod recommendations for the most part are between 5'6" - 7' with a fast action. The range of fish rods available is ideal for whether you want a dedicated trout rod or one that is more versatile. This will give you the length you need for casting well while trout fishing but not be too long to see you snagging yourself on the bank. CallOutdoors 1845 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA. Whether you choose a foam or cork handle is really up to you and which one you prefer as it has little to no effect on the casting performance of the rod. The reel seat is from Fuji and the rods boast a five year warranty from St Croix. The model below is a two-piece rod, ultralight with medium power. The best trout pole on a budget is the Okuma Celilo. The trout rod is made of graphite with fiberglass composite. Fishing with this will be a lot of fun, you feel every bite and every part of the fight without fail. The best rod power rating for trout is … All the ideal things for fishing gear. Best 5 Weight Trout Fly Rod (Best Overall) The most versatile fly rod weight of all, a 5 weight will allow you to land those massive fish on the river, or even smaller sized bonefish on saltwater, it’s the Goldilocks of rod weights. Now that you know what to look for, here’s a quick recap of our top three trout fishing rods. Overall it’s one fun fishing pole that is ideal for trout and smaller species. Your line will flow through the guides effortlessly and you’re reel once tightened in, isn’t going anywhere. The guides are very small in diameter and your line can get stuck, especially when connecting mono to braid, as the knot is quite bulky. These poles should be rated for line in the 4 to 6 lbs range. This is one fun fishing combination, as you’ll feel every pull of the trout while still having the action’s sensitivity. It is handy for use in a slow action rod for trout where presentation is key, but it’s got nothing on graphite or carbon fiber when it comes to strength and sensitivity. Rod power and action are often used incorrectly and a lot of anglers will use the two interchangeably. Fiberglass is one of the least expensive materials and bends a lot. You can see a full list of combo's here. Slow rods bend at the butt and are helpful when casting. The Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod is one of the best trout fishing rod series available today.