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EDUCATE JAMAICA was founded based on the need to support Jamaica with its goal of educating its people. The country has a large portion of its population living in poverty or close to the poverty line. The country also experiences a lot of crime, which affects the citizens directly as well as indirectly. Crime results in the rescinding of people's livelihood and a restriction on the growth of the economy resulting in limited opportunities for people.
Having received an excellent education, I have firsthand experience of the power of education and the opportunities a good education can provide.
Many of the social and economic issues, we are experiencing as a country can be alleviated through education. Education is the best tool to enable and equip the people with the mindset and skills they need to better their lives.

We also believe that alongside the formal system of schooling, that a sustainable community support system is deployed. This system will aid in community development and the capacity building of the individuals within the different communities. So in our work, community development, outreach, sustainability and capacity building are four of the key areas of focus for us.

You will never see a country with educated people being poor and it is a great challenge for a poorly educated country to become rich. With this said, we are on a mission to bring education and technology to as many communities as God permits.

Ainsworth Darby M.A. B.Ed.(hons) Dip.Ed.
Founder & Chairman