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EDUCATE JAMAICA's Global Leadership Team is dedicated to the development of education in Jamaica. In our endeavour to tackle the challenges, of supporting the nation of Jamaica in building an educated nation ready for global challenges, we are proud to create our Think Global Leadership & Initiatives 2030 Team. Our Think Global Leadership & Initiatives 2030 Team is a strong group of individuals with key strengths geared at supporting the organization to carry out its initiatives on the island. Jamaica is an amazing island, with approximately 2.9 million people that has a lot to offer to the world and we would like to see each individual in Jamaica achieve their full potential in a holistic way. 



Ainsworth Darby M.A. B.ed (hons) Dip.ed 

Founder, Chairman, Guardian of Organisational Purpose & Social Entrepreneur  

Ainsworth Darby was born in the parish of St Catherine, where he spent the first year of his life. At the age of one, he moved to Kingston & St. Andrew where he grew up. Following basic school (now called early childhood centres), he attended the Suthermere Preparatory School during the era of Common Entrance and was awarded a Place at Calabar High School. Whilst at Calabar High, he spent his first two years of his high school life as a member of the cadet unit, after which he gave up cadet to play badminton instead. He was a member of his high school badminton team. He spent seven years at Calabar High, which included 6th form. 
After leaving Calabar High he went to the Mico Teachers' College where he successfully completed a 3 years programme of teacher studies. He also successfully qualified as a teacher in the United Kingdom, where he taught for more than a decade. He also has work experience in social care for both adults and children. 
In his spare time he enjoys reading, travelling and films and he is a strong believer in God, family and good friends. 
He has successfully worked in the area of technology with companies who were seeking to make technology available to schools to enhance teaching, learning and overall infrastructure. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of London and a Master's Degree in Learning & Teaching from the University of Leicester.  8 years ago he founded EDUCATE JAMAICA (Where he is currently the Chairman), with the goal in mind to make a difference in the lives of Jamaicans through education, health and social innovation. His life goal is to enrich education and to enrich lives. 

Davene Rowe

Director of Human Resources, Employment & Training  

Davene is very passionate about people and their development. She is a career human resources individual, who truly believes in the human potential and spirit. She attended the Excelsior High School (Jamaica) and after graduating she did her B.Sc. Management Studies & Human Resources from the Northern Caribbean University (Jamaica)  as well as Global Business Management Studies at the Humber College Toronto Canada. She has worked at a Number of Corporate Giants in Jamaica such as Jamaica National (JN) and Sagicor. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is a valuable team player for this organisation. 

Amanda Graham-Golding ( AN EDUCATOR)

Director & Chief Officer for Education and Public Relations 

Mrs. Amanda Graham Golding was born at the Linstead Public Hospital and grew up in a small community of March Street, Redwood, St. Catherine with four other sisters. She came from humble beginnings where she began her education and the Cedar Valley All Age. She then went on to the Guys Hill High School where she was quite proficient in the world of netball, she was captain of the team for both the under 16 and under 19 teams respectively.  She is a strong team leader and also and team player and can always be seen as a bench mark for students who are from similar beginnings and how to strive for greatness. She went on to the GC Foster College where she studied Physical Education and got a diploma from said institution. After graduation she served at several high school as a Physical Education teacher namely the York Castle High School and the Excelsior High School just to name a few and is presently at the Charlemont High School. Mrs. Graham-Golding is an outstanding person in society and always be seen as a helping hand for anyone who are in need of such assistance. She has a strong personality and is married for over four years with one child. She is a devote church member and also renders her services as the secretary of Orangefield Pentecostal Tabernacle youth ministry. Overall Mrs. Graham-Golding is a woman of high regard and can always be trusted with great responsibilities. 

Carlton Darby CNA

Director & Lead on Health, Finance and Social Care Matters 

Carlton Darby migrated to Canada from Jamaica 28 years ago. He grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. He maintains that Canada is his home as he has lived in Canada for most of his life. 
He lives in Mississauga where he raised a family. He is an Accountant, an Author, the Founder and President of Onecare Health Services, a business establishment, selling medical equipment.  
Carlton is a Christian believer who is active in his church and is respectful of all religions. Carlton supports many Charities organizations in Canada.

Richard Baxter M.A. Dip.ed

Director of The EDUCATE JAMAICA Mathematics Institute 

Richard Baxter is a career Mathematics educator with over 2 decades of work in the field of Mathematics. Mr Baxter has taught Mathematics in Jamaica and the United Kingdom. He has great expertise in Mathematics and has served in many roles. His love for Mathematics goes back to his days as a student of Jamaica College. He is a proud Jamaican, father and husband.  Mr Baxter will be spearheading our efforts to resolve some of the issues in the country as it relates to the teaching and learning of Mathematics.  The last 20 years has seen a lot Mathematics teachers leaving the country to take up opportunities overseas, which resulted in a number of challenges to schools and students. Through Mr. Baxter's Leadership we aim to undertake a mission to address some of the deficits facing the country.  Mr Baxter's Leadership will seek to focus on 5 areas. They are: Teaching and learning, research, methodology, training and outreach.