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EJM is the advisory and consulting division of EDUCATE JAMAICA, which comprises two folds.

Fold 1: To deliver the highest standards and best outcomes for consultancy and advisory services related to themes such as School Improvement and Development, SEN, Restructuring, Behaviour Management, Thought Leadership and Educational Leadership and other general themes in education.
Fold 2: To support individuals, schools, government and private companies in bringing great products and services to the local education market and to deliver education brand management that inspires and creates growth. We provide education brand management and marketing consulting and advisory services to new, young and established businesses and individuals who operate in the education industry, as well as Government run entities (including schools). 
EJM was established in 2012 and has been very successful in its endeavours to help private companies in education as well as schools launch innovative ideas, systems and projects. This also includes bringing game changing products and services to the local education market. 
EJM based on its second fold, has its feet firmly planted in branding, marketing, brand development and brand management in the world of education.  We are a growth hacking entity that helps existing and aspiring business to solve problems as well as develop new ideas. 
Our ethos is built on 4 pillars; they are Preferred, Enduring, Stronghold and Experience.  We believe these 4 pillars form the basis for the development and sustainability of any great establishment/institution, great service or great product and are necessary pillars to embed in any entity that is expected to be around for a long time. 
We work with existing businesses in the education sector, Government and schools as well as new businesses who are seeking to enter the education sector. We have helped clients improve existing businesses. We have helped Government-operated entities improve their structure and services. We have helped clients develop new services and products for the education market (which includes Technology software and hardware).  We have assisted clients in developing sustainable growth strategies. We have supported clients to improve their market share and market position in the various areas of the sector.
EJM focuses on management design and delivery that inspires and creates growth and we are also focused on the establishment of value and value creation.  

THE EDUCATION MARKETPLACE is another bold project being undertaken by EDUCATE JAMAICA. We believe that the formal establishment and further investment in a private sector led education market will bring great benefits to businesses, individuals, the Government, schools, parents and students. The Education Marketplace by EDUCATE JAMAICA will operate as a lobbyist as well as support the further enhancement of a comprehensive local education market. The number one goal of THE EDUCATION MARKETPLACE is to support private sector companies and private individuals in bringing greater products and services to the local education market. The formal establishment and investment in an education market will see a significant growth in the number of great products and services being offered in the education community as well as the educational outcomes for students nationally at all levels (from early childhood to university). The education market in Jamaica is worth an estimated ¼ trillion Jamaican dollars ($250,000,000,000 JMD) based on research conducted by EJM (the Advisory & Consulting arm of EDUCATE JAMAICA). This amount is the combination of Government, schools and parent spending. We have estimated parents to be spending around $130 billion dollars annually on education, which includes extra lesson and extra curricular activities. Parents’ spending is expected to rise annually by an estimated average of 1.8% over the next 5 years.
With this said we must applaud the current providers of products and services to the market as well as the current investors who are investing in these companies and the wider market opportunities.
 There is a lot of gap and unmet needs in the local education market. These needs and gaps exist in the Ministry of Education, schools, parents and students