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Your Way To Europe

Sade Campbell currently resides in Germany and has found a way to create educational opportunities for her fellow Jamaicans. Through her company, Your Way To Europe Consultation Services, Jamaicans are able to have the opportunity to study in Europe, beating places like the United States, Canada and the U.K when it comes to cost.

Sade is a graduate of the University of Technology (Jamaica) and also a graduate of the prestigious Wolmers’ Girl School. Her study at UTech was in Chemical Engineering and she graduated in 2017. After leaving UTech she went into employment shortly there after and was employed by Windalco in January 2018 as a Chemical Engineer trainee. She remained at Windalco until October 2018 and has been a resident in Germany since November 2018.

Her original plan was to undertake further studies in the United States of America, which led her to researching online, where she stumbled upon a posting about studying in Germany and that sparked her interest. Following the discovery of the article, she started to do more research into the possibility of studying in Germany and other European countries (Germany, Holland, France). Applications were sent to German and Dutch Universities where she was accepted to study in both countries, however, she chose to study in Germany and whilst in Germany she is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Polymer Material Science with specialization in Polymer Engineering. 
Based on the opportunity she was given and being asked a lot of questions by persons as to how she did it, she made the decision to start a company that will provide the assistance. It should also be noted that she was encouraged by friends who believe this service would be a very beneficial one. 

The service is directed at persons who are interested in undertaking tertiary studies (which includes Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral studies). She emphasizes the company’s goal of given assistance to persons with the university process, which begins with a person’s interest in studying in a European country. The company helps individuals with assessing whether or not they meet the criteria for acceptance and assists them to find the right study place.  Also they look at the qualification of an individual and assist them in finding a university that will accept their qualifications. According to Sade, some person may not have the perfect degree, however, her company works with that individual to find a suitable placement to match their degree. The process involves consultation as it relates to the application process, assistance with visa application process, interview preparation, and funding requirements. 

The benefits of studying in Europe are untold. The universities are world class, fully resources, and well equipped for research and the professors are highly educated and highly trained. The international exposure and experience is also untold and it offers additional exposure to top European research and European companies. Last but not least it affords the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and different countries. 

Name of company: Your Way To Europe Consultation Services 
C.E.O: Sade Campbell