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Prep School Parents: A Looming Crisis

 There is a looming crisis within prep schools that is now a cause for concern. It is not a new concern, however it is now growing. 

Parents are spending enormous amounts of money to send their children to prep school in hope that they will get a higher standard of education.  Many persons have argued that a prep school education is of a higher quality than state primary schools and that the higher sum being charged is worth it. The class sizes are usually smaller and prep schools are usually filled with a lot more resources to aid teachers in delivering more excellent lessons.

Many prep school parents are making the mistake of handing over total control of their child’s education to the teachers within those schools. Prep schools are not infallible and as a result parents who commit themselves to spending that kind of money ought to ensure that the school is delivering by communicating well with the teachers and checking their child’s book to ensure the child is doing well. There are many parents out there, not just primary school, who are showing a lack of interest in their child’s education. Despite spending all that money you have parents who don’t have a clue as to what is happening to their child. It is so bad that we discovered a particular prep school that had a serious problem communicating with some parents.

A parent spoken to told us that just like buying name brand clothing, it’s a fashionable thing to send your child to prep school. They went on to say that for a number of prep school parents, it’s not about the quality but more about the status.