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Nyan Reynolds: From Olympic Gardens to a Masters in Public Health and a member of the US Army

Nyan Reynolds holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health and is a member of the United States Army today but his start in life many years ago might have painted a different picture for this young man.

He was born at the Victoria Jubilee in Kingston in 1985 and he is one of 8 children growing up in the Olympic Gardens community (Tower Hill). He received his primary education at Seaward All-Age Primary and his secondary education at the Vauxhall High School.

He recalls one of the best messages his mother gave him was to go to school and he said despite not having much, his mother would always tell him to go to school and he took that as the message to embrace and build his life around and during his time at Vauxhall he had to do things such as sell bag juice to help himself to go to school.

Nyan said he wasn’t the brightest child growing up but he was a determined child and focused on achieving something. He said he was always big on reading and attributes reading as one of the key pillars of his success in education. He stated that he is passionate about reading and education and wants to make it a part of his life mission to impact the lives of young people in Jamaica.

He said for his recent birthday he received 3 books as a gift from his daughter and he was very excited about it. When a lot of individuals are looking for material things as gifts, he says he will gladly receive books. He said his grandfather told him that they can take away material things from you but the education you receive will always remain with you and he has hung on to that throughout his life. Making his mother proud was a driving force for him and having received the message of education from her, he understood that was the clear path on which to travel.

Despite the community in which he grew up in his early years he was not derailed by what was going on around him. His focus, passion for success and guidance from his mother was stronger than the forces outside. He recently gave a speech to the Vauxhall High School general assembly on Friday, October 26, 2018, where he shared his life’s journey and challenges with them. He is hoping that by sharing his many challenges he will inspire others to persevere and do well despite everything around them suggesting otherwise.

Today Nyan is a proud graduate of the City College of New York, and as previously mentioned he now holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health (Health Policy and Management Concentration), he is an officer in the United States Army and he is also married and has two children.