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No Longer Principals – Now C.E.O & Brand Managers

Educate Jamaica Believes that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information should officially change the job title of principals to chief executive officers (C.E.O) & brand managers. The new title will not only reflect the dual approach that principals must take in their management of schools, it will also highlight more than ever the intricacies involved in being the leader of a school and the new education paradigm which exists today.
Many persons in education believe that the task of leading a school successfully is easy and can be done by anyone who has the experience of working in a school or in education. We beg to differ with such a view and would like to take this opportunity to highlight the failures of many of our existing principals as proof that the task of leading a school is a massive undertaking requiring a particular skill set.  With that said, we believe the title of principal is an old title that fails to reflect the new demands and expectations that comes with the role in the modern era. Whether we want to accept it or not, education whether it’s being delivered by the Government or private sector is a business and as such it must reflect the positive elements of a business if we are to successfully deliver this service to the populous. Yes, we said it. Education is a business in which the students are our clients and the parents are our partners.
The leader of a business is generally called the chief executive or managing director and their role without saying is key to the success of the business. The chief executive role recognizes that there is an organizational structure that includes a board of management. It recognizes that there is a human resource component, a finance component and a property management component within the organisation. The chief executive role reflects the day to day operations & management of the staff, students and infrastructure/resources and the accountability framework and requirement that comes with such a role.
The brand manager aspect recognizes that schools are brands and as such must be managed in line with brand values.  Brand values speak to the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of service being delivered. It speaks to the innovative approach with which these services are being delivered and it also speak to the deliberate actions of developing and protecting the image of the brand.   
The rebranding of the role of principal will bring about great benefits and mind set change that is required to further enhance the development of schools and education in Jamaica.