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Mr. Bernard Would be a Wrong Choice for Permanent Secretary Declares Ainsworth Darby

Ainsworth Darby of Educate Jamaica is openly declaring his position on the matter of the post of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information.
Mr. Darby has seen the Ministry make a lot of mistakes in the past and believes it would be a big mistake to reappoint Mr. Bernard as permanent secretary.
Dr. Mclean and I have not always seen eye to eye over the years, however, I believe based on her experience and given the choice between her and Mr. Bernard, that she would make a more suitable candidate compared to Mr. Bernard. If there is a more suitable candidate found outside of Dr. McLean, then let us consider those persons, however, it should not be Mr Bernard expressed Mr. Darby. 
Mr. Darby believes the position in which Mr. Bernard finds himself is an unfortunate one and believes that he should be compensated for any wrongful action that was taken against him. Mr. Darby also believes that any compensation or verdict should not include a reappointment to the position of permanent secretary. 
Mr. Darby has expressed that such a key position inside an important ministry (key to national development), requires the leadership of someone who understands education and has a vast experience in the industry at various levels. Mr. Bernard lacks the understanding of education and the experience necessary to lead such an important ministry.
Mr. Darby respects Mr. Bernard wholeheartedly, however, he believes he is not the right man for the job and believes it would be an example of another poor decision to reappoint him as permanent secretary.
Susan Brown
Senior Writer
Educate Jamaica Publications