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Hampton Challenges the Ministry's Data

 We challenged schools to provide us with data that would support their case of being wrongly represented by our Secondary School Guide.  Of all the 162 schools challenged only Hampton has come forward. Hampton is declaring that the data collated by the Ministry of Education is missing some data. We are in dialogue with Hampton’s Principal and Chairman to ratify this. We are still awaiting confirmation of their 2012 data. As was said Hampton is the only school of the 162 who is challenging the guide.

The principal and Chairman has presented us with their data for the recent 2013 CSEC exams and it is a warning shot to all other schools that Hampton is still Hampton and that the girls of Hampton will not relent.

The recently 2013 CSEC data (and this data is inclusive of their grade ten cohort who would have sat Mathematics and English early. on Hampton is as follows:

 CSEC (100% in 13 of 23 subjects) and 98% CAPE (100% in 27 of 34 units), 100% Upper 6 matriculation to tertiary institutions. 46.3% of G11 cohorts passed 9-12 subjects, 36.3% passed 8 and only 17.4% passed 7 or less.

We are still in the process of verifying the data coming out of Hampton, however if the data is confirmed as accurate, it will place Hampton very high in the rankings.  

The Chairman has asked us to tell the world that Hampton has a team second to none, led by the phenomenal Heather Dawn Murray and VPs Evol Beckford and Rosean Lounges. 

Hampton is sounding a warning shot to Campion, St. Hilda’s, Glenmuir, Immaculate etc. that it intends to claim the seat at the helm of academic championship soon and very soon.