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Ebooks to revolutionise education and bring big savings to students and parents



With the cost of books rising yearly, parents are beginning to get despondent and are seeking better ways of financing their child’s school book expenditures.

Electronic books are one way that the experts believe will solve the problem of rising book prices in Jamaica.  Companies in Jamaica have already begun ‘toying’ with the idea. One company has gone as far as to start collaborative work with the UWI to help medical students at the university bring down their costs of studying, by lowering the costs of books.

Books in Jamaica unfortunately aren’t fully provided by the government and it’s the responsibility of the parents to provide the text books that is requested of them.  

In today landscape of expensive school textbooks; it will not be a question of whether or not Jamaica heads in the direction of ebooks but how long will we take to convert to ebooks. The future of the world is definitely heading in the direction of ebooks and we predict that Jamaica will be heading in that direction in the next five years as parents become disheartened at the cost of financing their child’s education.