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EJM - A Big Change In Education May Be Coming!

A close source at Heroes Circle has informed EJM (The Advisory & Consulting arm of EDUCATE JAMAICA) that a group of local education technocrats are secretly drafting a planned proposal to be presented to the Prime Minister, that would see the creation of a system that would allow the governing bodies of secondary and primary schools across the country to opt out of the Education Act of 1980 for an alternative system that would be created with an entirely new set of rules. This secret drafting comes on the back of the Prime Minister’s recent announcement that he will be creating a number of Chinese funded as well as Jamaican Government funded STEM schools that will operate outside of the Education Act of 1980.
It has been felt for over a decade now and even much longer that the education system has outgrown the 1980 Act and that it’s time for changes in the Act, however, the government is finding it difficult to make the necessary changes to the Act that reflects an aspiring education system for the 21st century. There has been changes made to other Acts, which leaves many in the education fraternity baffled and wondering why it is so difficult for the nation’s lawmakers to meet and get the changes done.
According to the secret education technocrat group, the rules of the new system, would empower school boards and principals to remove underperforming teachers and school senior leadership within 3 months as oppose to the current time frame which can be as much as two years or longer in some instances. It would allow for schools to take on public private partnerships, which would see schools being better funded. It would also allow for individual secondary schools to increase their capacity by 5%-20%, providing those places directly to prep schools through a ‘feeder partnership’.
This local group has informed us that there are a number of suggestions that will be contained in the document that will unfortunately upset organizations like the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA), however, they believe it is necessary if the education system is to move forward.