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Cumbersome High School- A Rope Around the Ministry of Education’s Neck

The Cumberland High School in Portmore St Catherine is once again in the media because of leadership controversy. The controversy surrounds the position of principal and the decision as to who should be appointed. 

The school in recent times has been seen by many as a rope around the neck of the Ministry of Education and appears to be an asset that needs a serious overhaul. Many are asking why does the school seem to be having such a challenge appointing a reputable person to the position of principal? Others are asking is there a power struggle taking place at the school? 

A few important questions we would like to get answered are outlined below:
  1. Is the current acting principal deserving of the job and if the answer is no, why?
  2. What makes the other candidate(s) suitable? 
  3. Should we seek to employ any of these persons, are there any conflicts of interest found upon examination? 
  4. Whose decision is it, as it relates to who gets appointed as a principal of a school? Is it the school's board of govorners led by the Chairman or is it the human resources personnel inside the Ministry of Education? 
Whatever the outcome at the end of this unfortunate controversy, the Ministry of Education needs to find a way to place the school on an even keel and position it for growth and development. We can’t have a situation where every 2-3 years the school is embroiled in Leadership issues.