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Almost 1 in 10 Students are Dropping out of Jamaican Secondary Schools

 According to data released by the Ministry of Education, in a document entitled ‘Education Statistics 2012-2013’ ( found on the Ministry’s website), the island’s secondary school system is experiencing a drop-out rate of 9.1% of pupils  transitioning from grade 10 to grade 11. Based on the number of pupils in grade 10 during the school year 2011-2012, it is estimated that in excess of 3,500 students islandwide dropped out of the education system.  The 9.1 % was arrived at by averaging 9.7% drop out among females and 8.4% drop out amongst males.

This figure comes to us at the same time that the Government is saying that teacher to pupil ratio is 26:1. This is amongst the best classroom ratio we have seen in the history of the island’s education system.  Despite the Government reporting that teacher/pupil ratio is 26:1, many teachers we spoke to are saying that this is not a true reflection of the system. Other teachers spoken to are saying they have class sizes of 35, 40, 45 etc., which is in excess of the 26:1 ratio that is being reported by the Government. is in the process of having dialogue with the Ministry of education about the cause or causes behind the drop out of over 3,500 pupils out of our education system.

The main questions we will be asking are what happens to the over 3,500 pupils who drop out? What impact is this having on our society? What percentage of these pupils go on to become criminals? What is the government doing to address this serious issue? What plan has the government implemented, if any, to address the drop out rates?