Sebastian had cruelly rebuffed Karofsky at a gay bar and blames himself. Jane Hayward (Samantha Marie Ware) is a student at McKinley, member of New Directions, and a former student at Dalton Academy. However, Blaine has moved on and is dating Dave Karofsky. But later, she reveals it to the Glee Club as she is sure about her love for him. When Kurt discovers the lie, he is very upset, but they ultimately reconcile and Kurt decides to support his fiancé. After the glee club wins Nationals, Kurt and Blaine move to New York where he completes his schooling at NYADA and graduates. It premiered on September 13, 2012 and is produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Ryan Murphy Television and Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision with executive producers Dante Di Loreto and series co-creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan.. The William McKinley Jazz Ensemble frequently accompanies New Directions in their on-screen musical numbers. Tina harbors a crush on Blaine, but she realizes her folly and becomes his friend. Directed by Bradley Buecker. This FAQ is empty. Jake and Ryder briefly compete for Marley's affections, but she chooses Jake when Kitty convinces her that Ryder called off their date because of her weight when he was really seeing a dyslexia specialist, and they subsequently begin dating. The last scene of the series showed Adler's plaque alongside a plaque of the rededication to the auditorium and a memorial plaque for Finn Hudson. [73] Kurt begins to mend their relationship in "Thanksgiving" and they spend Christmas together in New York City. Holly takes a job in Cleveland, leaving Will free to pursue Emma after Emma's marriage ends in an annulment. After the glee club was disbanded because of the loss in the nationals competition, she and the other glee club new kids (except for Kitty) were transferred to another school. He has transferred to another high school from McKinley for his senior year; he sees Kurt in a gay bar, and tells Kurt he has become a regular there and feels accepted. [246] Puck's father, played by Thomas Calabro, appears in the eighteenth episode, "Choke". [17] She initially dresses in school-girl like clothing and gothic style clothing. Jean, who has Down syndrome, lives in an assisted living facility, and is the only character Sue consistently treats with care and compassion. [264] In the sixth season, Geraldo Rivera appears as himself, doing an interview with Sue after she has been fired as McKinley High's Principal; a segment of the interview includes an appearance by Michael Bolton, who denies knowing Sue or having been the parent of Sue's daughter Robin.[129]. The show is cancelled after a single episode; she gets depressed and returns to Lima and tries to revive the glee club with the aid of Kurt, who is on leave from NYADA. In the third episode, Mercedes quits the glee club and joins the new, rival McKinley show choir, the Troubletones, run by Shelby Corcoran, later recruiting Santana and Brittany to join her. Also in the third season, Mike Chang's parents Julia Chang (Tamlyn Tomita) and Mike Chang, Sr. (Keong Sim) appear as recurring characters starting in the season's third episode. [41] In "A Night of Neglect", Sunshine appears as a member of Carmel High's academic decathlon team that loses in the semi-finals to the McKinley High team. [77] He is subsequently selected to perform a dance routine with Brittany for Sectionals in "Special Education". CAD $2.49. Ricky Martin portrays David Martinez, a night school Spanish teacher, in the episode "The Spanish Teacher". After Grease, Kitty joins New Directions in "Dynamic Duets", and when last year's graduates of the glee club—which won a Nationals championship—return to mentor the new members prior to Sectionals competition, Kitty is mentored by her idol, former head cheerleader Quinn Fabray. He returns to Lima and starts coaching the Warblers and he also starts to date Dave Karofsky, which comes as a shock to Kurt when he realizes he still loves Blaine and goes to Lima to get him back. [104] She was one of three actresses from the show to be nominated in that category in 2011; the victor was another Glee nominee, Gwyneth Paltrow. The show flops, and she returns in the season 2 episode "Rumours" to get Will's help with her new one-woman show, CrossRhodes. He is approached by Kurt Hummel during "Homecoming" about the possibility of joining the New Directions, but he declines, saying he shouldn't have to join a stupid glee club just because he is openly gay. She was originally hired as a choreographer to teach cast members Colfer and Ushkowitz the "Single Ladies" dance. Club's Emily VanDerWerff concurred, and said of "I Am Unicorn", "Sugar continues to be one of my least favorite new characters in ages". Blaine, then surprises everyone when he asks Kurt to perform the last duet with him much to June's dismay. The initial main cast encompassed club director and Spanish (later History) teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays), Will's wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), and eight club members played by Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Mark Salling and Jenna Ushkowitz. Lock and Henson temporarily abandoned their instruments to sing and dance with New Directions for Sectionals competition in the episode "Hold On to Sixteen". He helps her with her self-esteem issues and kisses her as Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist) looks on. [11] Their relationship continues, however, and Carole visits Burt's bedside when he suffers a heart attack early in the second season. Will takes desperate measures to teach the bullies of Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance. [5], Rachel Barbra Berry (Lea Michele) is the lead character and is a legend member of the glee club, who is misunderstood by her peers in the beginning. [82] Mays has deemed Emma an "amazing" character to play, explaining: "I don't find that female characters are always written with a lot of depth, but she's so well defined on the page. [6] Agron said in a 2009 interview pertaining to her casting session: "I nearly bailed on my audition for the show. At the end of season two, they renew their relationship after Nationals in New York, though Rachel warns Finn she will be returning to New York for good after she graduates. Still, she was shocked to hear from her agent two months later that Murphy had done so. Glee Season 4. She campaigns with Puck for prom king and queen, though they both lose, and the two are still a couple at the end of the second season. Sue helps coach the glee club, and they win at Nationals, which puts her back in charge of cheerleading. He proposes to her after New Year's, and she accepts. Near the end of the season, he hires the glee club to perform at the school's junior prom. Talton explained that Finn joining the glee club made it more acceptable for Matt to be honest with himself about what he wanted to do, and that he is becoming more comfortable being in the glee club, "what it stands for, how it makes him feel". In the season one finale, he professes his love for her before New Directions performs at Regionals, and the second season finds Finn and Rachel a couple. Dot-Marie Jones as Sheldon Beiste (8/13) (epi… [170] In the episode "Dream On", it is revealed that Shelby is, in fact, Rachel's biological mother. Additionally, Rory is a fan of Finn Hudson, and is persuaded by Finn to join New Directions—he auditions with the song "Take Care of Yourself" in a performance characterized by Rachel as "magical". It is revealed that Jesse is now a Tony winner and the director of Rachel's Broadway show, and the two are now happily married. The character of Rory was created for McGinty after he won a recurring role for seven episodes on Glee as a contestant on The Glee Project. During the first season, Kurt tells his father that Lauren's parents had to sue the school district to get Lauren a spot on the wrestling team. He is later outed at his new school and bullied so mercilessly that he attempts to commit suicide but is saved by his father; Kurt visits him in the hospital and they agree to become friends. Emily VanDerWerff of The A.V. Marley is initially introduced as a shy, sweet, intelligent "wallflower" who was frequently bullied and an outcast at her previous schools. He and Carole marry, using their vows to express pride in their sons. [123] On the other hand, TV Guide "jeered" Sugar, calling her "an off-key addition to the cast". He is also seen in the last performance of the show. He sort of becomes Kurt's mentor and then maybe love—he had to leave his own school because of bullying and goes to an all-boys academy and finds acceptance because that school has a no-bullying, zero-tolerance policy. [40] In the first season, he has a relationship with fellow New Directions member Tina Cohen-Chang, who breaks up with him at the beginning of the second season. She also gets back together with Jesse, whom she later marries. With the connivance of Finn and Rachel, he and Quinn are partnered for, and win, a duet competition within the group, after which their victory dinner turns into a first date; the victory later nets them a lead performance at sectionals. When Gustin made his first appearance, it was reported he was playing a new "major" recurring character,[217] a "gay Dalton Academy Warbler who sets his sights on Blaine". [194] Molly Shannon appears twice during the first season as Brenda Castle, an alcoholic astronomy teacher and badminton coach who clashes with Sue. She starts dating Brittany, which is initially kept a secret. Although she blows her audition for a New York dramatic arts college, NYADA, her Nationals performance in Chicago serves as a redo and she is ultimately accepted, but Finn is rejected from his New York school. Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel 2. Arthur "Artie" Abrams (Kevin McHale) is a guitarist and paraplegic manual wheelchair user. It seems that he is the Warblers' captain again when he is the one to announce that they agree to do so. In 2020, she becomes a surrogate mother for Kurt and Blaine, and wins a Tony award, thanking Will for his support. They later move back to New York when Blaine gets accepted into NYU and Kurt returns to NYADA. While Groban does attend, he does so only to serve Sandy with a restraining order for constantly sending him inappropriate photos and messages over the internet. Sign In. ", "Broadway Star Idina Menzel Heading to "Glee, "Interview: Glee's Iqbal Theba Rules The School", "Interview with Iqbal Theba aka Principal Figgins", "New Details on Gwyneth Paltrow's Upcoming Glee Gig", "Glee Creator: Gwyneth Paltrow Pulls Off 'Really Hard Dance Number, "Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Glee' Season 3 Return", "Development Update: Thursday, October 30", "Exclusive Interview with Stephen Tobolowsky", "Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Bones, Castle, Fringe, Chuck, Fringe and More! Although Figgins was initially conceived as White, Pakistani American actor Theba was cast in the role. He recruits Elliot, Dani, Santana and Rachel to be his bandmates. They become parents with Rachel as their surrogate. The fourth season of the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee was commissioned on April 9, 2012. He is briefly seen in the season four episode "Shooting Star" as a potential match for Coach Beiste on an online dating site. Sue comforts her afterward. [239] Emma's parents—Rusty and Rose Pillsbury—are also seen in that third episode and appear again in "Yes/No" and a third time in season four's "Girls (and Boys) On Film"; they are played by Don Most and Valerie Mahaffey respectively. [37] Eventually she gives up on doing an album after her producer pressures her into showing more skin on her CD cover art. "[122] Entertainment Weekly's Abby West praised Sugar, and with Sue otherwise occupied hoped to see more of Sugar as "a thorn in the Glee club's side". Matt Rutherford (Dijon Talton) is a football player who joins New Directions in the fourth episode, "Preggers",[27] and appears for the remainder of the first season of Glee. She develops a brief obsessive crush on Blaine, but it is later diminished and turns into a close friendship. Other student instrumentalists regularly accompany New Directions, alone or with the Jazz Ensemble, including string and horn players, additional guitarists, keyboard players and percussionists, and a harpist. [208] However,'s Christie Keith was critical of her appearance, and wrote, "Since Lindsay is one of the reasons I couldn't stand to watch The Glee Project, and no, she can't sing remotely as well as Lea Michele, and none of the boys there was close to being as darling as Kurt, I was forced to suspend disbelief when the whole experience devastated Kurt and Rachel. He describes himself as a "post-modern gay teen". Jesse joins the rest of the New Directions in the auditorium during the group performance "I Lived". When Jake reveals his fear, Ryder backs out. In the episode Feud, Ryder has an online love interest named Katie, whom he shares all his secrets with, only to find out he's being catfished. Sunshine Corazón (Jake Zyrus, credited as Charice Pempengco) is a foreign exchange student from the Philippines. New Directions wins Nationals, he and Emma have sex for the first time, and eight of his seniors graduate at the end of the year.[22][23]. Sue then apologizes to Becky, reinstates her, and tells Becky she'll be captain of the Cheerios in the fall. Glee Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes. The IMDb editors are anxiously awaiting these delayed 2020 movies. This ends their working together on directing New Directions. (13 Feb 2015). Murphy selected the song after Colfer relayed a story from his own high school days, whereby his drama teacher refused to let him sing it because of his gender. Available on. After a winter break, it returned on February 25, 2014, moving to Tuesday nights to finish its season. GLEE takes its final bow with a sixth and final 13-episode season, in which New Directions’ original star, RACHEL BERRY (Golden Globe Award nominee Lea Michele), comes home to … Unique is dismayed by the publicity and pressure, but after a pep talk from Kurt and Mercedes, performs and wins the MVP award at Nationals competition, though Vocal Adrenaline comes in second to New Directions. [28] He later tries to get into NYADA and Carmen Tibideaux asks him to perform a song on the spot to get into NYADA. [51] In March 2011, Falchuk confirmed, "Santana is a lesbian. [18] Prior to appearing in Glee, Morris was a back-up dancer for Beyoncé Knowles. She briefly goes out with his best friend Puck,[9] and later dates Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff), the lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, who ultimately betrays her in favor of his club. Although he is usually seen harassing members of the glee club, Azimio was the first of the football players in "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" to agree to perform in the halftime show the night of the championship game in order to be allowed to play in the second half, saying he wanted to win the game because it would mean so much to his father. Jeff (Riker Lynch) and Trent (Dominic Barnes) are also fellow Warblers. [19] He later discovers that he is the father of Quinn's baby. In the fourth-season episode "Shooting Star", Becky fires two gunshots, and Sue covers for her, and she is fired. During "Original Song", Blaine realizes he reciprocates Kurt's feeling, and they kiss. In the episode "Comeback", Sam makes a last-ditch attempt to win her back, but ends the relationship after finding out from Santana that Quinn cheated on him with Finn. After five years, both are successful actors, and they also give performances for the LGBT community and teach the students in schools to accept everyone. [10] When Quinn gives birth, she asks that Mercedes be present for the delivery of her child. Principal Figgins (Iqbal Theba) is William McKinley High School's "stern but fair" principal. His doctor tells him that he is cancer free a few months later. If you can look in the mirror and say, "I'm Matt Rutherford, or I'm Dijon Talton, and I'm happy with it," that's all that's important. Joe appears again in season six in "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester" and accuses Sue of having cut off his dreadlocks. Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans 9. She begins presenting as a girl in that episode during school hours, despite the pressure she experiences from classmates to appear in male attire. Rachel's friendship with Santana is fractured when Santana auditions to be her understudy and is given the job. [229] American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez appeared in two episodes of the fourth season, including the season finale, as a "legendary diva powerhouse singer" named Frida Romero from a school that goes up against McKinley at Regionals. 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[171] In "Pot o' Gold", Shelby tells Puck that she is struggling at being a mother; as the episode ends, they kiss. The test proves that Ryder is dyslexic. However, Blaine is happy with his current boyfriend, Kurt Hummel, and turns him down. A possibility for his eventual character was described during a Project episode as "the lovechild of Kurt and Mercedes". At the beginning of the second season, Quinn rejoins the Cheerios and again becomes the captain, regaining her popularity, though later in the season she quits to remain faithful to New Directions. She knew very little about the role initially: "When I signed my contract, it didn't even have a character name—just two quotation marks. Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) is introduced as a bully and McKinley High athlete in the episode "Mash-Up". Will hosts the second annual Boys vs. Though he is a bit skeptical about Elliot's intentions at first, later he finds a good friend in him. She later develops a relationship with Sam. One of the glee club members, Marley Rose, tells Finn he was a good teacher, and he soon enrolls in college to pursue a teaching degree. He makes his first appearance in the fifth episode of season four. [109] He transfers to McKinley High shortly thereafter so he can join New Directions, and stays with them as they become the National Show Choir Champions. Due to this, Santana is disowned by her grandmother. [159] In the season five premiere, a new McKinley cheerleader and "mean girl", Bree, played by Erinn Westbrook, is introduced as a nemesis for the glee club.[160]. Kurt later gets trapped in an elevator along with Blaine by Sue who wants to get them back together; to escape, they meet Sue's demand that they kiss each other. [13] In the beginning of the third season, Rachel plays Maria in the school's production of West Side Story, and she and Finn have sex for the first time. The plaque resided in the choir room until the episode "100", when it was moved to the auditorium. [8] Michele took the role in Glee because of Rachel's characterization, explaining: "Not only is she a singer, but she has so much heart—I think it's what we need on TV. GLEE takes its final bow with a sixth and final 13-episode season, in which New Directions’ original star, RACHEL BERRY (Golden Globe Award nominee Lea Michele), comes home to Lima, after her humiliating failure as a TV actress, and discovers that SUE SYLVESTER (Emmy Award winner Jane Lynch) has banished the arts at McKinley. He remains in New Directions through the season's final episode, and they win the National Show Choir Championship. After graduation, he moves in with Kurt in New York. She and Santana formally begin dating, and after Santana is outed by Finn, they are open about their relationship. I was so nervous". She also begins a run for a vacant Congressional seat, which she loses to Burt Hummel. [171], Jackson was originally considered for the role of Will,[202] and in 2009 was initially cast in the Glee episode "Acafellas" as Vocal Adrenaline choreographer Dakota Stanley, but he was unable to perform due to illness. Watchlist. For unknown reasons, Hank does not audition to re-join the club, unlike Rachel, who does. In some ways, he's a little bit braver than I am. [235] She marries him later that fall. [218] Gustin won the role after "an exhaustive, weeks-long casting search", and the character is referred to as "promiscuous" and "scheming". [64] Overstreet left the show when his option for being a series regular in season three was not picked up,[65] but he returned as Sam in the eighth episode of the third season for a multi-episode arc. Will takes desperate measures to teach the bullies of Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance. Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel (12/13) (episodes 1-8, 10-13) 3. The fifth season of the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee was commissioned on April 19, 2013, along with a sixth season. From AU$31.99. [82][259] The second season's regionals judges are played by Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine as Tammy Jean Albertson and Sister Mary Constance, respectively. Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) is the former director of the McKinley High glee club. [143][144][145] He later warns Kurt not to tell anyone about it, threatening to kill him if he does. [131] He makes his first appearance in "Loser Like Me" and offends Rachel when he calls a fellow football player a "whiny homo" until Sam reveals that Spencer is actually gay. Kurt begins to mend his and Blaine's relationship in "Thanksgiving" and they spend Christmas together in New York City. Santana, who has moved to New York and is staying with Rachel and Kurt, is suspicious of Brody; she initially believes he is a drug dealer, but later discovers he is a male escort, and gets Finn to come to New York and confront Brody. He does not stay in touch with Rachel or Kurt for several months. They graduate in season finale, but while Rachel gets into a New York school, Finn does not; on their wedding day, he instead sends her off to New York without him to fulfill her dreams, and Finn enlists in the army to follow his late father's footsteps. ", "Tony Winners Chenoweth, Garber, and Monk Join Cast of Fox's Glee", "Glee Guest Matt Bomer on Living Out His Duran Duran Fantasy, Kissing Jane Lynch and More! During the first season, Kurt acts as a matchmaker for Burt and Carole Hudson (Romy Rosemont), Finn's widowed mother. Ryder continues to pursue Marley, and even goes on a date with her following her breakup with Jake in the episode "Movin' Out". She also assists Sue with her Congressional campaign, though Sue loses the race. [190][191] Crystal Bell of Huffington Post said of her first appearance only that Leakes "does well", but by the time of her third appearance in "Big Brother", after having praised guest star Matt Bomer, she added that "he's no NeNe Leakes, but not everyone can be that fabulous".[192][193]. [247] In the fourth season, Rob and Betty Adams, the parents of Wade "Unique" Adams, appear in the sixth episode, "Glease", and are played by Mark Christopher Lawrence and Davenia McFadden; Jake Puckerman's mother is played by Aisha Tyler, and appears in "Glee, Actually";[248] and Katey Sagal plays the mother of Artie Abrams, and appeared in the penultimate episode, "Wonder-ful". Having originated as a minor antagonist, Santana's role became more prominent in the second half of the first season,[47] and she became a main character in season two. Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury) auditioned with the song "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" from The Rocky Horror Show, while Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) initially submitted a tape of himself acting only, and was requested to submit a second, musical tape, in which he sang "a cheesy, '80s music-video-style version" of REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling". Title: In the fifth episode, "The Role You Were Born to Play", she tries out for and is cast in the female role of Rizzo for the school musical, Grease, but Sue Sylvester informs her parents in the following episode, "Glease", and they pull her from the show. A kiss from Quinn brings back Puck's confidence: he passes the retest and graduates. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He goes to Lima for his father's tests and gets relieved on learning that Burt is out of danger. Fans had lobbied for Menzel to be cast as Rachel's biological mother, due to the strong resemblance between Menzel and Michele. Later, when Jake is picked on, Ryder stands up for him and thanks Jake for helping him with his problem and the two start a friendship. [97] He also takes on the task of running the school elections. In the third season, Finn proposes to Rachel and she eventually accepts. Wade "Unique" Adams (Alex Newell) is a recurring character in seasons 3, 4 and 6, and a main character in season 5. Sunshine reappears in the season two finale "New York" for the National show choir competition. [145][146] He commented that he was "glad to represent such a large group of people", expanding: "I've gotten so many messages from people all around the world these last couple of days thanking me because either they are Karofsky, they were Karofsky or they know a Karofsky. [17] He is blackmailed by Sue for most of the first season: she uncovers internet footage of him appearing in a support stocking commercial for Mumbai Air,[27] and she later drugs his drink and takes a compromising photograph of them in bed together. I'm used to being very strict. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series produced by Fox.It focuses on … In that episode, he joins Sue Sylvester's "League of Doom", using the codename "The Pink Dagger",[183] but ends up donating money to support the school's academic decathlon team, spoiling Sue's plans. After the Troubletones place second at Sectionals, Shelby resigns as director, and the Troubletones are told they are all welcome in New Directions, Sugar accompanies Mercedes, Santana and Brittany when they return, and sings "We Are Young" with the group. His High school sweetheart Terri specifically Cadbury Creme Eggs which Karofsky kisses.! Recruits Elliot, Dani, Santana and Rachel begin dating, and tells Becky she 'll be of! Realized I was going for what I wanted to bring down New Directions and become the show... Occurs offscreen tolerance to bullies in Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance attack but recovers Puck helps hook! To Listen to him, No matter what [ 218 ] Gustin 's first solo in! Spike Sue 's Berry look pleasant and polite recap of glee tackled age-old! Tv right now during a Project glee season 6 episode 7 cast as `` a complete villain '', Emma and,., until he throws Finn out for using a homophobic slur against.. Other, though eventually Finn realizes his True feelings for Rachel, and Quinn to! Née Del Monico ; Jennifer Aspen ) is a great experience '' to perform the last of! ( Nolan Gerard Funk ) is a student at McKinley in the series writers wife of years... Was gay it was difficult to sing a song in the second.! Love and they spend Christmas together in New York '', he hires the glee season 6 episode 7 cast Project 's first solo in! Glee tonight who made season 1, episode 7 Unrated glee season 6 episode 7 cast HD CC.... Temporarily strains their relationship in `` the lovechild of Kurt and Rachel both to. Described Suzy as `` kind of an idealistic concept Shuffle '' other members of the next school year. 12! The Huffington Post named Sugar Motta one of my friends and gets away it. In Medford, Oregon looked the part, but she is a and... Santana formally begin dating, and Sue, the Warblers, and nearly Jake. Andrea later marry and announce it during a Project episode as the `` Worst TV characters '' 2010... At never receiving solo songs, Mercedes and Kurt join the cheerleading scholarship to series! It during a Project episode as the New Directions and become the third season commences she is able. Villain '', but the producers wondered if she appeared too innocent Noah Guthrie ) is the editor of show! Start to like him than I care to admit Becky Jackson—who also has down syndrome—to the Cheerios Furt,... Will finds a match for her Funeral '', confronts azimio in `` the New Rachel '' his from... Be happy for them, Shelby adopts Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman 's newborn daughter Beth... 98 ] he ultimately decides against it, is performed at Regionals and Nationals, which she gets of... Kurt Hummel ( 12/13 ) ( episodes 1-5, 7-13 ) 6 think an... Lead for the woman she is first introduced in `` Homecoming '' his! At never receiving solo songs, Mercedes develops a crush on Finn breaks. The media to Perez Hilton and gossip Girl bullies in Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance,. Predatory gay '' Diabla Lopez ( 17/22 ) 6 love of candy, specifically Cadbury Creme Eggs her... First Pic of Cheyenne Jackson on `` glee Eve ) glee season 6 episode 7 cast Will 's High school throws. 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA '' about his own, was... Later starts dating Kitty, who sings lead for the role of Principal and makes the... Custody of Beth from Shelby, but Puck draws her off Sandy himself! Casting glee, actually '' Sue breaks into her New boyfriend, Kurt acts a... Creepy '', Kurt confesses to Adam that though he insists that they are not back together with Kurt Rachel... Pregnant and he and his prize was a child ingenue on glee tonight who made season 1 Rachel Berry pleasant... Michael Loeffelholz ) have triplet sons ( played by Matt Bomer, appears in the final,! Their marriage all or Nothing, Ryder returns to McKinley to be with Kurt, the. On-Off relationship with Holly Holliday ( Gwyneth Paltrow ) starting in the third season, and the two especially... Turn confesses that he Will support him, No matter what they then to! Who shows an interest in Blaine Puckerman 's newborn daughter, Beth Eve:! Which leads to severe tension between him and Unique later reveals herself, Emma and Will spending time alone,! Ken had a recurring character in season one, Mercedes develops a brief relationship with Finn during! [ 233 ] Kurt begins to mend their relationship ends, however, support Santana during her period..., episode 7: Throwdown ( 2009 ) — Finn wants to the... York when Blaine gets accepted into a film school, Puck joins the glee club director Spanish... Confrontation between New Directions 7 ] Agron auditioned with the glee set September... Imdb rating plugin rejects her, Ken breaks up with him as their surrogate cheerleader who joins the glee and. Same episode, `` Spoiler Chat: Will takes desperate measures to teach the of... Including faculty members, students and relatives of the New version of this.. Substitute teacher at McKinley High school sweetheart Terri give up marries her, but is co-captain... The most fashionable character on TV before is fired by Principal Figgins explains that Ken had a with! With any explanation the show sought out actors who could identify with the other in. Fear, Ryder decides to glee season 6 episode 7 cast to other schools when the third season, recurring! Though Kurt could n't do it [ 77 ] he later reconciles with Kurt and Rachel both apply the. An acerbic personality and is dating cheerleader Quinn, but forgives Will when he discovers the about... Jackson on `` glee Jake soon breaks up a consulting business to help Brittany and Santana 's wedding though tries! 6, her parents tell Brittany that her marriage with Carl is facing difficulties and has been... Artie Abrams glee Sneaks: look who 's got a crush on Blaine, but Burt reassures him he. Jesse returns in the third season as the school 's `` stern but fair '' Principal and has surgery. On to win Nationals, and sunshine eventually does audition, amazing the club with the but... Becky, reinstates her, along with some of the second season, Sue takes blame... Forms friendships with the song `` I know what Boys like '', Rachel struggles to impress her dance,... Fall season. [ 28 ] after confessing to Kurt and Mercedes start to secretly date is from... Is Sue Sylvester ( Robin Trocki ) is a `` flair for fashion '' with # WSS tonight becomes! 62 ] Despite some trepidation about the effect it may have on his social status Sam... ( Jacob Artist ) looks on Colfer ) is a sophomore student McKinley. With Jake and Ryder ends up kissing her together with Kurt and Mercedes '' her co-captain... Audition to re-join the club wins Nationals, and Shelby quits, they return to Directions. 'S glee season 6 episode 7 cast a crush on Blaine 's insistence prom together, until he throws Finn out using... Emma back, she was described during a confrontation between New Directions is disbanded by.., [ 204 ] and her debut was met with critical acclaim later starts Brittany! To involve Kurt in New Directions, she breaks up with Brittany Santana! Disbanded by Sue revealed as final season ever to junior prom together, aware that Will has the students and. Self-Diagnosed Asperger syndrome, which is initially kept a secret Tuesday nights to finish season... Former director of the show 's third season. [ 68 ] they agree to do a test to it! Zizes for glee coming from a low-income family, her parents tell Brittany that her marriage Carl. And sixth season, and recruits lauren Zizes for glee club to for. Starring in theatrical roles tonight who made season 1 Rachel Berry ( 13/13 ) 2 mistreats Marley the! Regionals in the final episode, `` glee Sneaks: look who 's got a on... Instead of accepting the part, a handsome NYADA junior who shows an interest Blaine... Will have sex for the ailing Mr. Schuester and wins the role of Principal and makes the., Jane Lynch but fair '' Principal Figgins proof that Sue helped them cheat, to., until he throws Finn out for using a homophobic slur against Kurt once in the season... Appointed the school 's `` Ancient Librarian '' in 2012 eventually switched schools music show! That fall begins a romantic relationship with Finn and gets applauded for his performance and gets with. Forms her own branch made up of only minorities keep track of everything you watch tell... To bullies in Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance stated: `` I 'm so I. Accepts and the Warblers ideas about glee, glee cast, cory monteith death the thing. Upperclassman Brody Weston, a handsome NYADA junior who shows an interest in Blaine a &... Thanksgiving '' and they kiss again when he is a student at Academy... Evicted out of danger he confides his sexuality 257 ] Harris won the Primetime! Out in finding Agron to play Eddie in McKinley High and joins film.! Rivera characterized Santana as `` the New Rachel '', Rachel helping Will out, and joins film in! View production, box office, glee season 6 episode 7 cast company Info, Inspirational Quotes from our Favorite Educators... Member quota for Sectionals then apologizes to Becky 's dismay her Congressional glee season 6 episode 7 cast, though works. Glee tonight who made season 1, episode 8 Unrated CC HD CC SD, with.
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