Sara Ouimette Psychotherapy, located in Oakland, CA, offers psychotherapy, psychedelic integration services, and cannabis-assisted psychotherapy. You can become more aware of tightness or soreness in your body. Find a Canadian Therapist or Counsellor in the Canadian Therapist Directory powered by - the best place to get information on therapists, counsellors and marriage counsellors in Canada In Canada, however, the hallucinogenic drug has found some relevance in times of crisis. So, what can professionals do to start working with psychedelics – legally? MAPS is currently training physicians (MDs, DOs, psychiatrists, and other “eligible prescribers”) as well as licensed therapists to work on phase 3 clinical trials using MDMA for PTSD and to form therapy pairs to open potential “expanded access” sites in the near future. Training for psychedelic integration is limited but exists and is growing quickly. And of course, many in this field stress the importance of professionals doing their own inner work with psychedelics as an important aspect of training. Both professionals may qualify for designation as mental health providers through various professional associations and regulatory colleges. Of course, there is also the option of working with non-substance induced altered states of consciousness. While the CIIS program does not currently include any medicine work, they do incorporate opportunities for transpersonal breathwork and other drug-free forms of altering consciousness. Psychiatrists already have the ability to give ketamine to patients in their offices as an “off-label use” for treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and other conditions. Here at Psychedelics Today, our founders Joe Moore and Kyle Buller also host an online course for clinicians, therapists, and coaches looking to expand their knowledge of psychedelic research and provide psychedelic integration to clients. Zendo sets up shop at music festivals like Burning Man to provide a safe and tranquil place for people going through difficult psychedelic experiences to come and relax. The ability to instill hope in disillusioned clients. More people than ever are curious to try psychedelics for mental health and personal growth. Psychotherapists: Practitioners who intend to use the title ‘Psychotherapist’, may be required to register with the regulatory college. 10 Centers for Psychedelic Healing, Therapy, and Exploration. Welcome to MAPS canada The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada is committed to planning, conducting and publishing scientific research and education supporting the beneficial uses of psychedelic medicines, including treatment for medical conditions, neuroscience, creativity and spirituality. Respect for clients from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. The Center also provides diverse public education about psychedelic research and the use of psychedelics in psychotherapy from the past decades, as well as teaching on topics such as creativity enhancement, consciousness studies, comparative mysticism, well-being enrichment and harm reduction. MAPS is also a source of psychedelic integration education and has provided webinars as well as in-person training sessions in the past. We realize there are also underground training options but they can be unreliable and hard to vet, so we decided to only focus on aboveground options for this piece. Plus, acceptance into the program is competitive. Yet despite their illegality, doctors and therapists are regularly getting inquiries from their clients about psychedelics for addiction, PTSD, depression, and more. Psychedelic therapy is still illegal in the US, but thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies , psychedelics like MDMA are on track to become a FDA-approved prescription medicine within a few years, and others such as psilocybin may not be far behind. Then, parts C, D, and E become more hands-on and include days of experiential learning with an opportunity to have an MDMA session, a day of role-playing, and then, supervision and evaluation of trainees’ first few sessions. The organization Fluence, based in New York City, hosts accredited classes for interested clinicians, called “Psychedelics 101 and 102” taught by Elizabeth Nielson, Ph.D. and Ingmar Gorman, Ph.D. Until then, she can’t afford to keep paying out of pocket. Psychotherapists: Practitioners who intend to use the title ‘Psychotherapist’, may be required to register with the regulatory college.