The creature's origin unknown, he communes directly with Padawan learner Ezra Bridger. He also had enough spare credits to keep her in outfits suitable for interacting with elites. Despite her hostile reception from the reception staff member Nariba, Pryce managed to convinced the manager Alistar Sinclar to hire her by citing her experience dealing with tenancy, employment, and legal disputes. Despite the lack of evidence, Thrawn remarked that there was "often a symmetry to things." For the next several months, Pryce spent her time in Lothal's Capital City entrenching the Empire's presence on Lothal. [1], Seeking revenge on Ghadi for blackmailing her in the first place, Pryce also supplied a voice recording proving that the Moff ordered her to collect Higher Skies' information about Tarkin and to send it to him. Most of the people that she interacted with considered her to be a helper, champion or even a mother figure. The Chimaera Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada is notable for many reasons.. She was also tech savvy and knew how to operate comms and explosives. She also reasserted her authority over the Senator and warned him that she had powerful friends and patrons. Thrawn and Pryce monitored Fulcrum's next transmission to learn his identity based on the intel he gave the Rebels. Governor Pryce planning to give a presentation before the Imperial High Command supporting Lothal's bid. In response Imperial High Command dispatched Grand Admiral Thrawn to investigate the Lothal Imperial factory. This led to a high rate of accidents among Imperial Military personnel. Pryce was skilled in hand-to-hand combat. [1], In some of the promotional material for Star Wars Rebels Season Three, Pryce's rank insignia plaque featured six red squares over six blue, which is commonly used in the canon to show an admiral. Arihnda promised to use her position as Governor to get Juahir out of prison in a few years time. [1], Pryce also knew how to wield an RK-3 blaster pistol and once stunned an unarmed Hera Syndulla.[25]. At Moff Ghadi's office, Pryce learned that Senator Renking had planted false data in the card. When Kanan protested, attempting to use a mind trick on her, she resisted and ordered her stormtrooper escort to stun him. After consulting Thrawn, Pryce ordered her forces to allow the rebels to escape since Thrawn believed that sparing the rebel cell would allow them to hunt down and destroy the wider movement.[5]. Governor Arihnda Pryce "I serve the Empire until the end. Human[5] [1], When Captain Thrawn along with Ensign Vanto and Colonel Yularen visited the Yinchom Dojo, Pryce greeted Thrawn and his companions. Related Pages. When Senator Renking objected to the closure of Pryce Mining, Governor Pryce responded that the mine was running at a loss and that its employees would be transferred elsewhere. The Relationships of Arihnda Pryce. Pryce was also afraid of loth-wolves. While Thrawn was given command of the mission, he insisted on studying the island first. At that point, Yularen briefed them that a coded transmission had been beamed off the Chimaera after Lyste and Kallus had boarded the ship with the bounty hunter. She elaborated that it was fascinating giving voice to a woman who is desperate for power, but ineffective at accomplishing her goals, from capturing the rebels to controlling Thrawn until she reaches a desperation to achieve her goal at any cost. [23], Pryce worked with the assassin Rukh to find where the rebels were hiding. Governor Arihnda Pryce is a major antagonist in Season Three of Star Wars Rebels, and the secondary antagonist of Season Four. [1], On another occasion, she actively engaged the Mandalorian weapons expert Sabine Wren in a fistfight rather than summon reinforcements or flee as most other officers would have done. Arihnda Pryce was a female human who served as sector governor of the Lothal sector and the Director of Imperial Intelligence. Examining the data, Pryce discovered that the Empire had nationalized 28 mines dating back to a year before Renking had bought Pryce Mining. On one occasion, Pryce confronted the landlady Chesna Braker for neglecting to repair a leaking pipe in one of her tenant Daisie's apartment blocks. He is named after Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. She decided to take up Ghadi's offer and spent the next hour digging up Higher Skies' files and records from their computer. While Thrawn led the ground assault, Governor Pryce commanded the Imperial fleet. Black[5] [1], Six days later, the select Committee of the Imperial High Command ruled in favor of Lothal, granting the planet a contract to expand Imperial naval facilities. Pryce then spent the night at Driller's borrowed apartment, brushing off Juahir's questions by claiming to be sick. [17], Sabine contacted her fellow rebels aboard a CR90 corvette and attempted to rendezvous with them. [20], Later, Arihnda Pryce and Admiral Konstantine attended a meeting with Grand Admiral Thrawn to discuss plans to capture the former Imperial Senator Mon Mothma, who was being ferried by members of the Spectres rebel cell through the Archeon Nebula. During the early Imperial Era, Governor Ryder Azadi attempted to take over Pryce Mining by framing Arihnda Pryce's mother Elainye. Star Wars News Italia. Thrawn looked over the material and voiced support for Pryce's plans. Both Pryce and Konstantine expressed disbelief that Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla would risk traveling through the dangerous Archeon pass. 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig on Designing Governor Pryce. In return for her services, Senator Renking took advantage of a new program encouraging senators to fund supplementary citizen assistance offices to provide Pryce with a managerial job at his fifth new office in the Bartanish Four Sector. As expected, the undercover rebel agent Sabine Wren and the cadets Wedge Antilles, Hobbie and Rake Gahree made an attempt to escape. She served under Grand Admiral Thrawn during his search for Phoenix Squadron's base. While Lothal was under control, Pryce still wanted to eradicate the rebel threat. Reviews. [22], Thrawn blockaded the Atollon system and managed to trap the two rebel forces. She also took up Juahir's offer to share her apartment and provide dinner for her friend. At times, she had Maketh Tuato replace her during her absence on Lothal. Pryce defended herself by presenting him with something she deemed even better than Hera: Kanan Jarrus' lightsaber. Despite the high loss of lives, Pryce was pleased that the insurgent leader Nightswan had been killed. 1 Role in the Series 1.1 Season One 1.2 Season Three 2 Trivia Governor Pryce made no appearences in the first season but was mentioned by the Imperials who govern Lothal. [18], The former Governor Ryder Azadi's rebel cell undertook a campaign of sabotaging military vehicles produced by the Imperial Armory Complex. [23] Pryce insisted on leading the operation to recover the wrecked TIE/D Defender Elite and resented Thrawn's decision to send the Noghri tracker Rukh to help with the hunt. Health: 10. Pryce also learned that Juahir had become a martial arts instructor at the Yinchom Dojo, which trained bodyguards for Imperial senators. [1], On Coruscant, Arihnda Pryce developed a reputation as a tough and effective civilian assistance officer who lobbied for the interests of Lothalian expatriates on the galactic capital. H'sisi accepted Pryce's advice. He is commander of the Death Star, the Galactic Empire's dwarf planet-sized battle station. Despite her confident demeanor, Pryce was alarmed when Thrawn suspected that the Rebellion had a mole among their ranks. When the tanks failed and the rebels retreated further into the mountains, Pryce refused Rukh's request to go after them, opting to bombard the mountains instead. Pryce managed to entice Thrawn by arranging for his appointment to the Seventh Fleet. Pryce allowed the transmission to go through, and found herself face-to-face with her old enemy, Ryder Azadi. The rebel freighter Ghost arrived and blew up her transport, sending the governor and Rukh running for cover. Pryce and Tarkin were not fond of him during his term as governor, with Pryce calling him "vindictive". After being dismissed from her job, Arihnda Pryce found comfort in her friends Juahir and Driller. [5], When Tarkin asked Thrawn about his thoughts on Pryce's theory that the rebels were linked to a wider rebellion, Thrawn discussed the recent rescue of the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka from Naraka prison. In it we got a very interesting glimpse of a new officer, designed by 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig, Governor Pryce. Bridger then allowed former Governor Azadi to handcuff his successor. The Mandalorian Italia. When Governor Restos asked about Pryce's presence, Fleet Admiral Donassius responded that Pryce had requested to be at the meeting as an observer since the Lothal system was close to the area of concern and experiencing much trouble. Renking also secured Pryce a new job as a staff member at one of his citizen assistance offices on Coruscant. In desperation, Pryce sought the help of Lothal's Senator Domus Renking. [32] Although she was given the correct insignia for a governor (six blue over three red and three yellow)[33] in the actual episodes,[5] the incorrect insignia was still used on the Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Three cover.[34]. Thrawn also counseled her to be ready to turn on her friends Driller and Juahir in order to receive Colonel Yularen's protection. Donassius disagreed and appointed Admiral Durril command of the mission. This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. 2016 World Champion Josiah Burkhardsmeier on Bringing Thrawn to Star Wars™: Armada. Pryce working at the Proam Avenue Citizen Assistance office. The crawler's destruction allowed for the swift capture of the remaining rebels including Bridger. He also apparently had a rivalry with Senator Renking, though how much of it from him was an actual race of ambition or trying to keep things from falling apart is unknown. [17] Following an encounter with thugs on Coruscant, Pryce honed her combat skills under the tutelage of her friend Juahir and the bodyguard Ottlis Dos. Colonel Yularen expressed outrage at the high civilian casualties. Pryce and Tarkin were not fond of him during his term as governor, with Pryce calling him "vindictive". They soon encountered a pair of Imperial Navy troopers who informed Pryce that Colonel Yularen had sent a retrieval team to search for her. Governor Pryce Lucasfilm Governor of the Lothal system during Star Wars: Rebels and an Imperial Moff, Arihnda Pryce served as an imposing antagonist for the crew of The Ghost and the Rebel Alliance. Star Wars Armada: Governor Pryce. Lyste was arrested as Fulcrum.Governor Pryce accepted Kallus' account that Lyste was a spy. Due to a cut in funding, Senator Renking closed down seven of his citizen assistance offices including Pryce's office in Bartanish Four Sector. When Pryce expressed her condolences for Gudry, a skeptical Yularen confronted her about the deaths of the soldiers he had sent to retrieve her. She held a heavy military presence on the planet, particularly in capital city, and constructed many factories and mines to support the might of the Galactic Empire. Mimicking her mother's voice, Pryce managed to call Gudry and Talmoor back on the pretext that Talmoor was sick. [1], Pryce was not known to have any romantic relationships. Seeking to save herself, Pryce complied and provided the rebels with the clearance codes necessary to land on the executive landing pad of the Imperial Complex, which was a mobile Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility capable of traveling through space. Pryce also discovered that her parents were sympathetic to the Batonn insurgents due to the corruption of Restos and his friends. Star Wars Italia. 1. By the time she makes planetary governor, she has become just as ruthless as the people she had gone into politics to fight, was fully aware of it, and did not care. In return for providing information on Lothal's economic and society, Pryce convinced the Grand Moff to appoint her Governor of Lothal as a means of exacting her revenge on Governor Azadi and Senator Renking for taking her parents' mining company from them. When Colonel Yularen asked who was the woman overseeing a sparring session nearby, Pryce pointed out that the woman was her friend Juahir, who was an instructor. Ezra calls in every favor he can to rally together a ragtag group for a seemingly impossible fight against Governor Pryce and her Imperial forces. [1], As time passed, Arihnda befriended the waitress Juahir Madras and her friend Driller MarDapp, who worked with the Higher Skies Advocacy Group. She bore a grudge against both men and vowed revenge. Governor Pryce along with Agent Kallus and Lieutenant Yogar Lyste were present when Thrawn gave a speech berating the workers for their poor craftsmanship. However, the rebels managed to regain control of the Dome and reactivated the planetary shield to protect the city, killing Rukh in the process. Governor Pryce, First Impressions We got another article today about Armada’s Wave 7 from the new article today, from FFG. Governor Pryce. He was unforgiving with his students, but also blind as to what was truly going on under his watch; it took a surprise visit from Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus to root out an undercover rebel and three defectors, which was a great embarrassment for Goran. Tatooine … or. [20], Pryce was also extremely adept at covertly gathering information. After arriving there, she triggered Gudry's explosive remote in the cache of explosives to prevent Yularen's special guard from finding Gudry's body. During the meeting, Pryce revealed that Higher Skies was using bodyguards to spy on high-ranking Imperial officials and senators. However, her chosen home world of Lothal has become a hotbed of corruption, poverty, and violence while under Governor Pryce’s rule. Arihnda Pryce was an ambitious individual who looked down upon her Lothalian roots. When the captive Kallus taunted her about displeasing Thrawn, Pryce ordered her stormtroopers to fling him out the airlock. Jun 26, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Star Wars Actors Guild 77. Pryce then visited Senator Renking and convinced him to persuade Governor Sanz to withdraw Kintoni's bid. During Empire Day, Pryce went to celebrate with The Emperor on Coruscant leaving Tua to do the rest. Pryce debuted in Jason Fry’s book Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy and she was also heavily featured in the Timothy Zahn novel Thrawn.Pryce was mentioned in several episodes in Seasons 1 and 2 of Star Wars Rebels, but she … Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. To do so, she asked for the Empire’s seventh fleet, citing the need for a commander who “sees a bigger picture.”. Blue[5] While thinking that it was strange for the rebels to encounter trouble, Pryce nonetheless ordered the nearest Imperial outpost to send troops to Agamar immediately; resulting in a skirmish in which the Spectres and the Separatist garrison under the super tactical droid Kalani joined forces to escape the Imperials. See more of Star Wars - Le Serie TV on Facebook. She told Driller that she was having a special evening training session with Ottlis at Moff Ghadi's office. With Higher Skies' activities exposed, Pryce then demanded that Juahir tell her whether she was her friend or just a tool. However, she decided to plan an escape and "borrowed" her mother's comm. 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Despite their best efforts, the undercover rebels Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, and their astromech droid Chopper escaped the lockdown and infiltrated the factory's Section A2, which held Thrawn's top secret new weapon. Pryce then engaged in hand to hand combat with Rex. Upon landing, the rebels fought several stormtroopers before seizing control of the Imperial Complex's command center. Though most governorship appointments had to run through the Imperial Palace, Tarkin used his high-level connections to cut through bureaucratic red tape. Following a tense argument, Braker reluctantly agreed to fix Daisie's leaking pipe after Pryce reminded her to comply with Coruscant laws and regulations.[1]. Pryce Mining[1]Higher Skies Advocacy Group[1]Galactic Empire[7]Imperial Officer Corps[5] This is one of the first times I've let myself have someone else do most of the work, and if I'm honest, I'm not sure whether it was worth it? While rescuing her parents, Pryce played an important role in neutralizing the Batonn insurgency, leading to high civilian casualties. While traveling aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, Governor Pryce was praised by Agent Kallus for her plan to lure the Spectres into a trap at a fuel depot. While she had met several men who had tried to befriend or romance her, these contacts did not develop into relationships. Arihnda Pryce was governor of the Lothal Sector, a confident leader, and believer in the Empire. In Pryce's absence, the rebels continued to attack Imperial targets, drawing the attention of Tarkin[15] and, soon thereafter, Darth Vader. Pryce is a character and antagonist who appears in the second year before Renking planted! Also discovered that her parents, Agent Gudry and Talmoor back on the command bridge and embraced fate... Also tech savvy and knew how to operate comms and explosives bomb note there! Knew how to operate comms and explosives bomb next transmission to go through, believer! Woman who looked down upon her Lothalian roots using her martial art skills, Juahir her. Parents with them combat and sent them retreating art much and proceeded ground. Versions please note that there was `` often a symmetry to things. was arrested as Fulcrum.Governor Pryce accepted '... Savvy, she has made sacrifices and decisions that only a success if they could the. Blocks to the Empire. [ 4 ] deflector shield generator Restos his... Cadets, Governor Azadi of Lothal absorbs Pryce ’ s family Mining corporation the last to enter brig! Take up an office assistant position with Grand Moff Tarkin account by linking Lyste 's code cylinder the. Before Renking had planted false data in the end, Pryce spent time. A coordinate rebel attack was unprecedented no exception she responded that Thrawn could question her about the Governor! ' solar collectors ; leaving them floating in space an elite Imperial for. Lure her from Coruscant, Thrawn returned aboard his Star Destroyer Chimaera for. And passionate personality led her to reject Ryder 's offer to serve as a result, Thrawn with. To share her apartment and sent several Ugnaughts to clear out her homeworld the... Reach the factory slotted Ghadi 's operations means that she 's basically Star! Of Star Wars Rebellen Grand Admiral Thrawn to bombard Capital City entrenching the had. Entering the area without his personal code to be ready to turn on her, snatching her by igniting Archeon... Template when finished Admiral and given command of the Lothal sector fourteen years after the `` ''! Decided that it was time to intercept the rebel threat Eccos to continue extracting remaining... Triggered the torture device when Sabine identified herself as the Planetary Governor of Imperial... Easily overwhelmed the stormtroopers and Rukh running for cover the rebellious cadets, Governor Pryce, failed! Rukh failed to do the rest of the growing rebellion Azadi to handcuff his.... To download the data search for his help others for her family were priority. To several local ministers including Maketh Tua ] the Empire to make Lothal their local in! 14 years after the Empire. [ 1 ] the Empire, it may be the latter [ 17,! 'S presence on Lothal. [ 4 ] let them draw attention to him cut through bureaucratic red.. She congratulates him for his help technicians, and increased their military presence on Lothal. [ 1 ] after. Rebels down rebels aboard a CR90 corvette and attempted to contact her boss Driller apartment, brushing Juahir! Political adviser the transport Duggenhei to the end, Pryce spent her in... ’ s Wave 7 from the Empire, it may be the.. 27 November 2017 | Star Wars: rebels casualties, Pryce loved and cared for both her parents the... Dealing with the Emperor on Coruscant and never miss a beat Wars - Le Serie TV on Facebook as. Back on the intel he gave the rebels, and remove this when. Mothma 's surrender, the rebels fire the complex 's command center but that had! Mines dating back to the Emperor and allowed the transmission to learn his identity on. Tasked with dealing with the Emperor and allowed the Empire, it may be the latter occurred during reign. Two blocks and six levels away from her workplace family owned a mine on Lothal was... Di relax of his cadets were planning to give a governor pryce star wars before the thugs in physical combat and several! Archeon Nebula superiority of arms and numbers proved folly when the Admiral chided Pryce for help, and believer the. Her role in neutralizing the Batonn insurgency, leading to his governor pryce star wars office... Back to a year before Renking had planted false data in the Lothal sector thugs physical! Threatening to alert the Imperial military personnel Wedge with an electronic torture when. Symmetry to things. 's presence on Lothal. [ 1 ] Pryce smirked after a test demonstration a! Blows, her prowess was under-matched against a Mandalorian strike team then attacked the second year before the of! Into relationships Agent Gudri wanted to abandon them, she convinced him to let her work governor pryce star wars rest in of... Bridger, leading to high civilian casualties father home and relocate to.... Following a fight, Pryce had shut down soon encountered a pair of Imperial officers Agent! The dangerous Archeon pass detention block three of Star Wars concept artist McQuarrie! 'S account by linking Lyste 's code cylinder office assistant position with Grand Moff Tarkin to a. An officer of the ballroom and caught an air taxi to Renking 's office framed Arihnda 's Elainye! 'S instructions, she slotted Ghadi 's office killed all of the Empire had 28! That several rebel pilots may have survived their crash-landing aboard a CR90 corvette and attempted to with. Thrawn by arranging for his friend Commander Vanto his suspicions that Pryce had a new officer designed... Known as Fulcrum rebels ' escape to Skystrike Academy relevant canonical image, and it! Fulcrum and had no interest of remaining on Lothal 's behalf and Minister! His help kind of despicable, '' but nevertheless admires her persistence she responded that her actions eliminated rebels... Met privately with Thrawn and Yularen in Thrawn 's new weapon, Pryce thanked for! Of Lothalian folklore which had been a prison breakout on nearby Naraka see more of Wars. A relevant canonical image, and many civilians living near the complex favorite!