It is so large that it completely dwarfs Thriller Bark, the world's largest pirate ship, in sheer size, possibly making it the world's biggest creature to appear in the series thus far. Anime Episodes: Open Upon the Great Sea! There, the crew comes across Thriller Bark captained by Gecko Moria, one of the Seven … Zoro lands hard on the lip of the roof below. With Zoro risking his own life by distracting Oars before the giant knees him into a wall, Usopp shoots Brook's salt into Oars' mouth with Kuwagata. It’s highly unlikely that Netflix will obtain the Thriller Bark and Summit War sagas in the near future. It is also the only saga with one arc. "The Warrior Known As the "Devil"!! Luckily, Brook jumped up to help the two pirates, promising to tell them the full story while easily defeating Taralan. The shadows leave Luffy's body, but he appears to have won. Brian Clemens is known across the world for writing classic TV shows like The Avengers and The Professionals. The captain contracted an illness and attempted to leave the Grand Line through the Calm Belt with the other infected crew, leaving Brook in charge of the remaining pirates. With the help of a skeleton named Brook the Straw Hats fight and defeat Moria and Oars. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji are astonished to find out that friend Brook referred to is the whale Laboon. Despite Usopp's attempts to reason him about fighting Oars as Luffy is fighting Gecko Moria, Zoro explains that their captain has most likely been tricked by now and that getting his shadow back is first priority and an excuse to test his new sword Shisui. There is a mansion in the middle of the island, surrounded by an apparently dead forest. Hogback then ends up being crushed under Oars's foot before the giant crushes into the chapel as Absalom takes advantage of Sanji's shock to spirit Nami away. Once the deal is complete, Kuma leave while remarking the loyalty Luffy inspires in his crew. "A Belief Worth Begging to Live for!! ", Usopp, Nami and Chopper traverse through the forest of Thriller Bark, Chopper revealing Doctor Hogback to be a famous surgeon and expressing excitement to see him. After fleeing the cerberus, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper encounter Hildon, a vampiric creature who offers to take them to the mansion of Doctor Hogback. Thriller Bark Saga At the same time, Franky and Robin buy some time against the Taralan and the General Zombies by the former destroying the bridge to trap the zombies in the courtyard while Robin flies them to the area of the castle behind Taralan. THRILLER BARK SAGA . The other Straw Hats, meanwhile, discover a hallway lined with suits of armor, and realize that Zoro is now missing as well. "Appearing from the Sky! After taking out some of the Rolling Pirates with a strange move that sends several people flying backwards, Kuma turns his attention to Zoro. Next Saga → Though Cindry is revealed to have modified superhuman strength, is nearly exposed to salt after Chopper yells that real humans have freedom. "Luffy's Emergency Situation! But while Frankie and Robin escaped, Luffy's route was blocked by a zombie swordsman named Jigoro who acts much like Zoro. ... (Thriller Bark). A Sad Farewell with His Cheerful Comrade!". Elsewhere, Luffy meets up with the Rolling pirates and their captain Lola the Proposer, whose shadows have been stolen by Moria. They eventually found the door to Hogback's laboratory, observing the scientist from outside before they are found by a mysterious samurai zombie who sounds like Brook. Sanji attempts to attack Moria, only for the villain to switch back into Oars's cockpit. Having placed Nami's unconscious body on a pew, Sanji explains that he has more of a beef with Absalom besides his actions against the women in his crew. The season uses two pieces of theme music. A Father's Huge, HUGE Dream! After opening the barrel, with fireworks launched from it, the, "The Joy of Seeing People! Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Burukku to Yakusoku no Misaki, Meshi to Nami to Kage!! Disembarking on Thriller Bark!". It is the only cannon arc part of the Thriller Bark Saga. This arc has 5 volumes, 48 chapters and 45 episodes in the anime. The Most Heinous Combination of Brains and Brawn". The next day, the Straw Hats celebrate their victory over Moria, but do not know why Zoro is so badly wounded. At that time, as Oars explores the mast of Thriller Bark, Hogback is informed of the Straw Hats mounting an assault and livid that Absalom removed the General Zombies from the field to be his wedding guests. 337-381, 45 episodes Oars Opens His Eyes!!". Kage o Nigiru Daikaizoku no Wana, Zonbi Songu no Kyōen! Meanwhile, as Brook heads to the kitchen for some salt, the Straw Hats attempt to find a means to knock Oars down. Meanwhile, Oars continues to cause chaos on Thriller Bark, forcing Absalom to send his entire General Zombie audience to stop him. Another major filler arc story. Tatakikome, Todome no Ichigeki. Oars tries to stomp Nami, only for her to be saved Nightmare Luffy who also saved Usopp at the last second before fighting Oars. Nami arrives and joins the battle, but Oars demonstrates that he can somehow stretch his limbs, which the crew realizes is Moria's Devil Fruit powers. Nami, Usopp, and Chopper manage to escape their coffin and find themselves in a garden, surrounded by animal zombies, including a bizarre penguin-bulldog zombie named Inuppe who talks and acts a lot like Sanji. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers A one-stop shop for all things video games. As Brook watches on, he realized that Ryuma was holding back in their fights. Lola arrives at that time, telling Nami to leave while pretending to attack her before Abalsom, briefly caught off guard, knocks the zombie out with a furious Nami intent to avenge her friend. Kuma proceeds to explain of Blackbeard becoming the newest member of the Warlords while give Moria advice from the World Government to not underestimate the Straw Hats as Crocodile had. "Bink's Booze! The Straw Hats attempt a "docking" maneuver by hanging onto Franky in order to form a "Giant Robot Warrior", but it fails when Robin refuses to participate in what she considers very embarrassing. Hogubakku Arawaru! Ōzu Fukkatsu no Toki, Shinnen no Inochigoi!! Zoro's Desperate Fight!". Akumu no Shima ni Sasu Asahi! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man!". The Mysterious Visitor, Tyrant Kuma", Taking advantage of several weaknesses, including his stupidity and similarities to Luffy, the Straw Hats continue to wear away at Oars despite his continued persistence. But Nami finds herself restrained by an invisible man in the shower, the figure fleeing when Usopp and Chopper manage to drive him off. Absalom, still battered from his fight with Sanji, attempts to once more seal his marriage to Nami with a kiss before she regains conscious. (ウィーアー!) Kuma’s Paw-Paw Power!". The tenth season of the One Piece anime series, the "Thriller Bark Chapter", was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Konosuke Uda and Munehisa Sakai based on Eiichiro Oda's manga by the same name. As midnight draws near, Absalom rallies the zombies together while the negativity-inducing ghosts converge into their master, a Gothic Lolita-style Ghost Princess named Perona. Nokoru Kishidō! As Brook takes Luffy to the stop of the main mast, Nami uses her Rain Tempo to drench the zombie to be frozen in place by the low-temp air cannon Franky and Usopp built. Nami Daipinchi! One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. "Chopper Is Furious!! Oars was about to crush Sanji when Usopp used his Fire Star to set the zombie's head on fire, only to provoke him as Zoro and Franky attempt to fight him. Sora kara Sanjō! Oars assumes he is kill the Straw Hats and attacks Sanji upon identifying him from his badly drawn wanted poster. Thirteen compilations of the season has been released so far as of July 7, 2010[1] The first DVD release for the season was released on October 7, 2009.[2]. Thriller Bark (スリラーバーク, Surirā Bāku) is a giant ship currently located in the Florian Triangle. The Australian Season Six sets were renamed Collection 29 though 32. The season began airing on Fuji Television on January 6, 2008 and ended on December 14, 2008, lasting 45 episodes. Brook and the Cape of Promise". Saikyō Zonbi tai Mugiwara no Ichimi. Thriller Episode Guide. Leave Anything Negative to Him". With Usopp, Chopper and Nami bearing witness, Moria implants Luffy's shadow inside the corpse of Oars. Kenkyō Hanauta wa Ano Otoko! dark and moody. As they were dying, they sang Binks's Brew one last time, recording it in a Tone Dial in the hopes that Brook would revive with his Devil Fruit power and deliver the shell to Laboon. The journey continued until some powerful enemies defeated the Rumbar Pirates in the Florian Triangle, fatally poisoning them. But Hogback, revealing that his research was only for his benefit, insists his zombies are alive as he used Cindry as an example by kicking her to the floor to lick it. Rufi Kinkyūjitai! The Musician, Humming Brook!". Around 9 or 10 PM EST Pluto TV started airing the Water 7 Saga and assuming it will follow the same formula airing Water 7 to Thriller Bark if memory serves me correctly as those are the next 3 sagas. Brook bids farewell to the Straw Hats and leaps overboard, revealing that the lightness of his body allows him to dash across the ocean's surface. The Straw Hat Crew". Hogback Makes His Appearance! Compatible device and high-speed, broadband Internet connection required. But everyone is surprised to see a tearful Cindry as she revealed she could not move. 10 Thriller Bark (45 Episodes) Thriller Bark was a crewmate introduction arc and brought the musician Brook into the Straw Hats. The strain on his body was too much for him to bear and it … Nami's Lightning Attack of Friendship!!". Meanwhile, Zoro and Ryuma's fight is getting intense as Brook tells Franky that Ryuma is actually fighting for real. However, they do not get far as Nami is abducted by Absalom for the marriage he plans for her while Usopp and Chopper are left to fend for themselves against numerous platoons of zombies before being rescued by Franky and Robin. "The Incredible Battle Starts! The Funimation Dub for the first 12 episodes was originally going to be released in May, but was delayed until September to coincide with the release of the Funimation Dub of One Piece: Film Z. The entire ship somewhat resembles the stereotypical scenery in vampire or horror movies, such as Dracula or Franken… It deals with the meeting and recruitment of Brook in a mysterious mist. Three days after the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, the Straw Hats enjoy the features of their new ship; Usopp and Luffy go fishing together and toss everything they catch into the aquarium, while Robin, Franky and Sanji relax in the dining room, Nami takes a bath in the bath hut, Chopper enjoys his expanded room/infirmary and Zoro takes a nap in the observation tower.When Zoro wakes up, he notices a barrel floating in the ocean and alerts the rest of the crew over the built-in speaker system. "Not Out of Danger Yet! "A Man's Promise Never Dies!! Roronoa Zoro is the Combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the strongest people on the crew, second only to Monkey D. Luffy. Spa Island Arc. "Luffy Is the Enemy! Nami, Usopp, and Chopper sail out to explore the island using the Mini-Merry II, ending up getting knocked onto land before they are chased by a patchwork cerberus that is a third fox. All the Straw Hats are shocked by this, except for Zoro, who is sleeping, and Robin, who knew Luffy would accept him no matter what, but they nevertheless welcome him to the crew. Believing that Ace can get out of trouble on his own, Luffy decides to head onward rather than go to rescue him, and the Straw Hats sail away from Thriller Bark. But it was later abanonded and remained as an island breeding creatures such as the undead, monsters and ghosts. Ships are often found sailing without a crew, and many who sail through are never heard from again. Meanwhile, Luffy's group are ambushed by ghosts who briefly made them depressed before they reach the graveyard where they are ambushed by the zombies. There are 5 episodes in Ice Hunter arc, from episode 326 to 335. Yōchi no Kane wa Yami no Oto. "The Zombie’s Secret! "Our Bodies Vanish! At the same time, losing sight of Perona, Usopp finally manages to give Kumacy the slip before finding a more confident Perona floating in mid air out the window. It is still unknown exactly how many episodes Pluto TV is allowed to air but assuming it didnt give any it will air all of them using that formula Oars meanwhile continues to exhibit Luffy's personality traits as he devours most of Thriller Bark's food while declaring his desire to be King of the Pirates. Manga Chapters: Robin attempts to use Devil-Fruit powers on Moria, but he uses his Devil Fruit powers to switch places with his Doppelman so he can steal her shadow from behind. Ketchaku Zoro VS Ryūma, Teki wa Rufi!! After awakening the General Zombies, Absalom is accosted by Lola, a zombie warhog obsessed with making him her husband. But Oars is too fast and overpowers everyone before destroying bridge where Usopp, Chopper, and Robin were standing. Luffy takes out the piece of paper he received from Ace, which is also a Vivre Card, and learns that as it is burning and shrinking, Ace's life is in danger. The invisible man meets with Hogback and the ghost, referred as Perona, to discuss what to do with the Straw Hats. Hogback agreed to join his cause on the condition that he can revive her a zombie. The Song that Connects the Past with the Present!". The Great Shadow-Seizing Pirate's Trap!". overall 10/10 arc. Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals, The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle, Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura. For personal and non-commercial use only. Neither Zoro, nor Ryuma, can gain any advantage over the other, as they keep matching the other's attack. With that great ship, Moria would wonder around the seas, abducting strong fighters and stealing their shadows with his devil fruit's ability. He also agrees to forget the outcome of their fight. But Luffy only managed to release some of the shadows with Moria regaining enough of his mind to overwhelm Luffy. After defeating Taralan and releasing his shadow soul from within, Brook explains to Robin and Franky the truth that the zombies of Thriller Bark are actually corpses animated by shadows taken by Gecko Moria from his victims via the power of his Shadow-Shadow Fruit. Teki wa Fujimi no Purinsesu, Yane ni Mau Zangeki!! "Blazing Knight Sanji!! Zoro aims to become the strongest swordsman in the world of One Piece and to achieve this he has made it his goal to defeat the man who currently holds that title, Dracule Mihawk.. RELATED: One Piece: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Thousand Sunny After learning that he's chosen Nami to be his bride, Lola sets her sights on the navigator. The Night Raid's Bell is the Sound of Darkness!". Zonbi Yashiki to Tōmei Ningen, Zonbi no Nazo! Perona recognizes the figure as, "Oars + Moria! When Hogback orders Jigoro and Inuppe to kill everyone to protect Cindry, the two zombies ended up fighting each other before Robin tricks Hogback into ordering the two to jump out the tower. Later entering the cockpit installed in Oars's stomach, Moria's presence confirms Zoro's suspicions while making it hard for them to fight Oars with the remaining thirty minutes of night left. Ōzu wa Bōken Kibun!! Usopp uses one of his attacks to destroy a nearby wall, revealing Perona's body lying helplessly in her bedroom. Episode 382-384. On its own, the Thriller Bark Saga was definitely a thrilling watch. But Zoro, reaching his limits, learns Kuma is a cyborg-like being called a Pacifista who was created by the advanced science of the World Government's leading scientist Dr. Vegapunk. As the Luffy and his crew sail away, three enormous and mysterious figure appears in the fog, looking over Thriller Bark. Despite Absalom's attempts to halt Lola and abduct Nami to be her bride, both intents failed as the latter flees from Lola with Usopp and Chopper unable to slow the warthog zombie down. As the pirates all come to, with Luffy surprisingly energetic from having his wounds extracted, Sanji finds Zoro as he miraculously survived his near-death experience. With Moria's guidance, Oars is better able to counter the Straw Hats' strategies and turn their attacks against them. While Oars lacks any Devil Fruit power, he is able to use Luffy's attacks to smack Sanji into a building. That Man Is the Humming Swordsman!". Tensai to Yobareta Otoko! Using his Devil Fruit abilities and the surgical skills of his subordinate, Dr. Hogback, Moria uses Luffy's shadow to revive a legendary giant, Oars. As Usopp continues to stand up to Perona's Negative Hollows while wiping out Wild Zombies, Brook is greatly overpowered by Ryuma was about to defeat the skeleton when Zoro arrives. But both the revelation of Cindry having a fiancé and her accidental death on stage made negative impacts on Hogback as he is approached by Moria. Hogback and Absalom escape Thriller Bark with the unconscious Moria, revealing that Blackbeard's Warlord status from defeating Ace. by Hiroshi Kitadani, performed by TVXQ. The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy, While Sanji is joined by Robin to save Nami, wanting to kill Absalom after being further provoked by Usopp, Franky and Zoro decide to back up Brook against Ryuma while Luffy intends to directly defeat Gecko Moria himself. "It Repels Everything! Contacting his superiors via Transponder Snail, Kuma receives orders from the World Government to kill the Straw Hats and everyone else on Thriller Bark to prevent Moria's defeat from becoming public. Owaranai Kiki! Season Six contains the Thriller Bark Saga, spanning Episodes 337 – 384, and will be released in four installments throughout 2014. Beating Absalom when he refused to reveal he has been using firearms, Sanji reveals that he knows Absalom's invisibility is due to the Clear-Clear Fruit which he wanted for his own reasons. After the meeting with Hogback, who frightens Chopper by insisting that no one is allowed in his laboratory, Nami takes a shower with Usopp and Chopper outside while musing her thoughts on their situation. Nami o Mamoru Uragiri Zonbi. My Enemy Is the Immortal Princess". At the same time Brook parts ways from Franky and Robin after giving further crucial advice regarding the zombies, and answering Franky's request, so he can go forth to accomplish his own goal: defeating the zombie Ryuma and reclaiming his shadow from the samurai fencer. Hogback’s Nightmarish Laboratory!". Robin, Chopper meet up with Usopp as they run out of the mansion while Oars enters the courtyard while calling the Straw Hat crew out. Karada ga Kieru! Thriller Bark was pretty plot heavy. The result is a monstrous version of Luffy, called Nightmare Luffy, that proceeds to reach his crew and take out Moria before the shadows leave his body after ten minutes' time. 5 Thriller Bark Just like in the clash against Lucci, Luffy was rendered unable to move after he fought against Gecko Moria. Zoro attempts to offer his own life to Kuma to save Luffy, knocking out Sanji when he attempts to take Zoro's place. As Sanji defeats Abalsom, Luffy managed to get through Doppleman to land a hit on Gecko Moria with his Gum Gum Stamp. This is because the Summit War saga takes the episode count to 516, taking up the vast majority of the total English dubbed episodes produced by FUNimation. Luffy vs Luffy". Ubawareta Sanji no Yume, Tasukete Hīrō!! Though Oars recovers from Nightmare Luffy's attack, despite their initial reaction to flee, the Rolling Pirates find Luffy joined by his revived crew as they act out a final attack by ear. As Zoro finds his 108 Caliber Phoenix has gain a stronger variation from his newly obtained sword, everyone realizes that Oars's tempering with Thriller Bark has moved the ship out of the Florian Triangle and into the clear night sky. Hogback's Evil Medical Practices". Tōi Sora de Matsu Tomo e, Kanarazu Ai ni Iku!! Just 3 episode … (Redirected from List of One Piece episodes) One Piece is a Japanese animated television series based on the successful manga of the same name and has 944 episodes. "A Clear-Clear History? As Taralan was about to pursue them, Brook suddenly falls from the sky. If you’re a regular visitor to Spooky Isles, chances are you’ll be familiar with two films he wrote for Hammer: Doctor Jekyll & Sister Hyde (1971), and Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1973), which was also his sole cinematic directorial credit. Within moments, the massive zombie comes to life with three Straw Hats discovered by Moria's gang. "I Swear to Go See Him! Thriller Bark Jouriku 怪現象ぞくぞく! Meanwhile, Moria meets with the rest of the Mysterious Four (as well as the hidden Straw Hats in Kumacy) where he uses his powers to steal Luffy's shadow to use his Special Zombie. Perona's Wonder Garden!". There, the crew comes across Thriller Bark captained by Gecko Moria, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea who uses shadows to create a crew of zombies. Zoro is quickly outmatched, and Sanji and Usopp's attempts to help him are rendered futile by Kuma's hard body and ability to block projectiles. Inside the manor, though furious to find Nami, Usopp and Chopper in his lab after they were knocked in by the General Zombie Ryuma, Hogback sees no point in being upset as it is almost midnight. Ryuma mocks Brook for being so careful about his afro, and the two engage in another battle. Thriller Bark is a community mainly focused on Role Play and Mafia, though we also encourage discussion on an ever expanding manga and anime series, as well as other forms of entertainment. But before Perona can get the rest, Oars falls from the mast onto the stairs, cutting Luffy, Chopper and Robin from Usopp and Sanji as they fall down below to where Zoro and Franky are. While this arc pitted the Straw Hats against a Warlord, it just felt a bit strange. Hogback admits that the zombified Cindry lack her original personality, but he only desired her beauty and assumes she is happy to be alive. It was converted into a pirate ship, the world's largest, and is owned by the former Warlord, Gecko Moria. Moria explains that he is using his ability Shadow Revolution to manipulate Oar's body by distorting the giant's shadow, Oars voicing his intent to fight the Straw Hats personally with Moria deciding to let the giant have his way while supporting him through his Devil Fruit powers. Their attacks quickly destroy the lab, forcing them to escape the room and continue their fierce duel on the roof. Overall it was alright but like I said before the Moria fight dragged on for way too long. "The Man Called a Genius! After beating the zombies, planting them into the ground upon learning they ambushed Nami, Usopp and Chopper, Luffy's group encounter an old man who pleas for their help in regaining his stolen shadow. "docking" and the lack there of. Brook Defends His Afro". Luffy declares his intention to make Brook a part of their crew, and the Straw Hats prepare to counterattack the forces of Thriller Bark in order to reclaim what was stolen from them. As the rest of the crew set foot on Thriller Bark, Luffy taming the cerberus as the group encounter more zombie creatures, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper attempt to leave the manor.

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