This new pathway allows adult learners with rich professional experience, but do not have a university degree to apply to one of the seven undergraduate degree programmes offered. Hostel Admission. Do note that the scheme is only applicable to full-time senior undergraduate students. Hey Rovers, The Residence Admissions Scheme for NUS Rovers has been recently approved. Internal Recognition and Recommendation Scheme for NUS Art of Living (AY2015/16) Scheme for Category A of Residence Admission Scheme (RAS): Announcement will be made via email to all ExCo 2015-16 members of the NUS Art of Living interest group for application to self-nominate for the RAS scheme by a stipulated date.In the case where there is an excess in demand, selection of nominees … National University of Singapore, 3rd Storey, Unit 03 -03, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, 11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244 Phone: (65) 6516 4356 Fax: (65) 6778 0177 Web: Category B, Special Schemes: Varsity Athletes (the Sports Club alone has 26 member clubs inside it) are selected, limited to 100 places, CFA (Centre for Arts) groups (24 groups) are selected up to 50 places.,,,, MuzlimBuzz: An English-Medium e-Magazine Dedicated to Southeast Asian Islam, Creative Education? NUS (National University of Singapore) has been using CCA (co-curricular) points as the basis for deciding who gets to live on campus. Each CCA has limited recommendation letters to be given out. Very passionate in Buddhism, Physics and Science Fiction. So don’t think you will definitely gain admission just be achieving the rp shown in the 10th percentile of the IGP. Tuition Grant Declaration Form as part of your online admission application. OHS provides short and long term Guest and Conference Accommodations for visitors on official programs organized by NUS Faculties/Administrative Departments and for educational programs organized by external organisations. You still need to pass the interview+portfolio review as well as an architectural aptitude test (AAT) to gain admission into Architecture. The University sets aside university places for consideration of exceptional candidates for admission. Find out if you are eligible to apply for an NUS student accommodation and the prevailing selection criteria. Unlike other components of the Cal State University system being developed in the 1960s, the residence halls were privately financed by Louis Lesser Enterprises, Inc. To bring the 1st choice bonus scheme into this, let’s raise another example. and Therefore, there is no fixed minimum marks/grades to secure admission. Here we’re also assuming that students don’t illegally harbour other students in their rooms. NUS has just implemented the new Residence Admission Scheme (RAS) and abolished the CCA point scheme it has been using thus far to allocate on-campus housing stay for NUS students. • NUS will be submitting the Entry Approval request on your behalf to MOE. That is until this academic year. The whole UTown programme lasts for only two years (with option for 3rd and 4th years), hence, for the other two years, you would need to find alternative accomodation and halls would tend to be harder to gain admission to once you have matriculated (as they follow the Residence Admission Scheme, instead of the Freshman admission process). Selection will be based on availability and the prevailing Residence Admission Scheme (RAS), which is mainly based on one’s contributions to the hall in the previous year. Please note that if you have attended the Medicine interviews before, in addition to your online application through the NUS Office of Admissions, you must also submit an Aptitude-Based Admissions Scheme (ABAS) application through the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, otherwise, you will not be considered for an interview. Potential applicants may refer to the Indicative Grade Profile (IGP) and course places of the previous academic year to make more informed choices when applying for admission. NUS is a research-intensive university with an entrepreneurial dimension. Does the new First Choice Bonus Points scheme result in higher admission cut-off (requirements) for AY2019? Latest Updates. Please note that Practically it means some spaces are opened up and it is easier to get into a hall, but most are still controlled by the halls. Step 2 - Hostel Options. of students at and, are correct. To support and encourage you to pursue your passions and interest, NUS offers the First Choice Bonus Points Scheme, where you will get bonus points added to your admission score for your first choice non-interview single degree course* when NUS evaluates your application for admissions. are updated and accurate, this translates to 46% chance for each of the selected 4 inside societies and interest groups. For such students who do not met the cut-off points for the course applied to, the University will consider other factors besides academic grades. That is if there is still a vast majority left. Students may choose to live in shared flats, lodgings/home-stays or student hostels in and around the campus. The UCLA – NUS Executive MBA is a part-time, 15 months dual degree program offered by both UCLA Anderson School of Management (University of California, Los Angeles) and NUS Business School (National University of Singapore). If you are a current undergraduate wishing to find out more on the Residence Admission Scheme, please click here. Anyone is welcome to join us for the yoga between 10 – 10.45 AM. Halls of Residence. It also serves to deter some overly zealous students from joining too many CCA to the detriment of their academic performance. NGS selects students based on the student’s own merits and NOT whom they would like to work with. endobj Rate answer 1 of 5 Rate answer 2 of 5 Rate answer 3 of 5 Rate answer 4 of 5 Rate answer 5 of 5 Ng Xin Zhao revi… After a year long warning, NUS has finally implemented the Residence Admission Scheme (RAS) and abolish CCA points. What is Aptitude-based admissions and how is this practised in NUS? <>>> Find out what are the hostel options available on campus. endobj The admission criteria varies from year to year, depending on the applicants' performance. NUHS Residency is one of the three Sponsoring Institutions in Singapore that provides postgraduate medical training through 32 residency programmes, which are either ACGME-I or JCST accredited. May. The admission criteria vary from year to year depending on the competitiveness of the applicant cohort. x��][o�6�~`���cZ��"���d ��\�{�dd��6����V�l���Uś,ї� 2v[M��T��Յ���]ws�\v�w��v]sy�.�O�g���|���߷��/��f�t7�����E��n6]�;9Iξ_$�~�*e)�WU%O�$�s&�����Y�k_�������Wg^�:~˓��E����+h�&_��4��&����T���~����4�@��\��`�'����n>\~����KV=�,W#_�8�_�G���F�J��j~��r�F�%���>�ذ�9t%$�ՒթTC/�HR&�Z��p�'�:�`D����4�@T�䇟Ir��Ο��'�aK.巬VT~�Ώx>;�gb���H���T�vs1K޵�zvw�lח�j6k%)�_����겜�������z~��)8R��^]P���o��f�T���~����� ��d �ރL6?l�G��ɮ����!��C����� ��P�� ���B��Yl1��e�8�oU�#+K)��A�~s�q���96�"g<0��:Ƒ-JV��q~��]� 1�nԚy9�C%�]�a�+ "������-�B)g�L�J)9[~F�r3ϩ�n�ϔB����t ��A�Ը�Kt�QdJ.�8��u#���\2�W������i|��LO#�Y$�w�k�]%�w��c_|Oa�. and admission control, are performed in a distributed manner. Though NUS High School is an Integrated Programme school, which allows students to bypass O-levels, it does not offer A-level or International Baccalaureate programmes, unlike other Integrated Programme schools in Singapore. Admission to NUS is based on academic merit and open competition among the applicant cohort. %PDF-1.5 However, please note that requests can only be submitted if you have completed the Overseas Travel Declaration (OTD), and it will be based on information you have declared in the OTD (e.g. Our dynamic guard bandwidth scheme is also extended to include the backbone links. For such students who do not met the cut-off points for the course applied to, the University will consider other factors besides academic grades. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! After admission, NGS-S students must go through 2 compulsory laboratory rotations for 4 months with NGS supervisors before nominating the supervisors. 2 0 obj But the goal of the system is the same – to provide a measure of contribution to the hall. The University sets aside up to 15% of university places for consideration of exceptional candidates for admission. Copyright 2009-2017 The Kent Ridge Common. Students admitted in cohort AY 18/19, will be guaranteed on-campus accommodation in a hall for the 1st two years of study and can apply for any Hall.