But the females will fill up with eggs. as a exchange, you're able to watch their habit... they are mating if the male is chasing the female and playfully nipping at her. Many plecos are omnivores and particularly good at finding food around the bottom of the tank. While a pleco will usually co-exist peacefully with other tropical fish, if another hiding fish like ropefish, tire track eels or knifefish. Tell us everything you think is pertinent. He will take care of the fertilized eggs and guard the fry until they are free swimming. And how to tell the genders. And as the title says how do you tell if one is pregnant. _____ They store the sperm. The fry will then become free swimming a few days after that. Swimming activity can tell us a great deal about how a fish is feeling. If you mean a pleco, then common pleco's grow to be around 20" and will need at least a 100g overfiltered aquarium, but there are certain "dwarf" varieties of the common pleco such as the bristlenose, zebra, clown, etc. I'm not sure how to sex green or albino barbs, I think in the same way but it is a little harder to tell. They are both female and this ones belly is a lot bigger. That’s assuming that it’s a common pleco. At times, the pregnant molly acts stressed or lazy; Female fish may give birth to hundred babies without a moment’s delay. Now once this has been done, you are ready to start looking for pregnancy symptoms in pregnant molly. 3 3. Being an experience fish keeper i would want you to know that it will be quiet a challenge to know if they are pregnant due to the fact that they are dark colors. how to tell if a betta fish is male or female. The best part is she can be pregnant anytime she wants for the next 6 months. When a female is ready to spawn, her forehead will appear plump. How long are molly fish pregnant for, a majority of the species lay eggs, which hatch into young ones, with the eggs either blown into a bubble nest like in betta fish, bred within the mother’s mouth by mouthbrooders like cichlids, or maybe in caves or on aquarium plants. Hi, I have a large Pleco and Im trying to find out if my Pleco is going poop. To a hungry pleco a recently deceased fish is a perfectly good meal. The way you can tell if your fish is gravid (pregnant) is simple. It sounds like your tiger barb with color is a male, the others are female. Close. Look at the fish from above. 3) can a male guppy get a female molly pregnant? Probably the other one is a male. These symptoms will include lethargy, loss of appetite, and of course a protruding belly. (I know it sounds morbid, but I move my fish out of the community if they are sick, try to treat and then let nature take its course) So anyway, she's still acting normal, but I noticed today she's even bigger. Re: Is this Harlequin rasbora pregnant? Pregnant Molly Fish – Babies on the Way. This is the catfish most commonly used for getting rid of problem algae in the aquarium. Juvenile offsprings don’t swim upward right away after birth, so they stay on the leaves of tank plants for a while before coming out in … If the neon suffer from dropsy it will look pregnant but will not live long. How can i tell I use Algae wafers so it makes a mess on the bottom and its hard to tell. The one I think is female looks really fat and I'm thinking she is pregnant. Pleco's are hard to tell , here's what I found on them ; Examine the pleco's forehead. Anyway I have 4 of the platies that I believe to be female all look pregnant but it could just be their munching on the Pleco food all night. [back to question list] My catfish lost his barbels by getting stuck in a rock. Of course there is always the chance that my pleco was just taking an opportunity to eat a dead shrimp, but I … A couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of you buenos aires tetra was swelling up. Adult 'comets' can be close to a foot long and adult 'fantails' can be as big as a grapefruit. They will fight to the death on most occasions, or at least leave each other torn and tattered. I thought she had a disease, so I moved her to my "death" tank. “Pregnant koi” is a term for female koi who are filled with eggs they are ready to lay. If you have a male and female Bristlenose Pleco or want to try breeding them, the male will do most of the work for you. Factors That Can Affect the Growth Rate Of Plecos One night, now that the female is gravid, the male will lure her into his cave and trap her in there. Pregnant Molly Fish?? Due to its peaceful behaviour towards other fish, the blue … The number relies upon female fish’s age and size. I kept and bred tons of platies; the dark ones are always hard to tell because some with have large … Our chill fish is trying to get on top of, next too and under our new fish (almost like a dog sniffing out another dog) – pinning against the glass if possible and occasional nips to the side body, but it … Fish have evolved with a specific anatomy to allow them to make their way through the water, and there is a huge diversity among the 25,000-plus species of fish in the world. You can tell when plecos are about to mate because the females will become heavier in the midsection as the eggs mature. 1) is anyone able to tell the gender of this molly? Males have flat, level foreheads. Only their first few years of growth are rapid, and other years proceed on a steady level. Dark molly fish babies are brought into the world rather huge. To be specific, common plecos can grow up to 14 inches long over a relatively long period. You won't have to look very hard under the abdomen section between the body and tail to see what may appear as bunches of grapes hanging. Koi fish typically mate in warmer water in the spring or summer seasons. Deemah- no want for the life tale! The Pleco or Plecostomus Hypostomus plecostomus is a fish that just about everyone is familiar with. All I'm seeing is a pleco that looks faded, which doesn't tell us much. Help us help you, and the only way to do this is to give out real info. Most goldfish that people have as pets are neither old enough nor large enough to become pregnant. Answer (1 of 2): First of all, you need to make sure that your fish is fully grown. So I have a few questions. The first sign of your Molly being pregnant is going to be a swollen stomach. We're not mind readers. But this number is, at times, affected by the fish’s age and size. I'll put some pictures of both. How do I tell if she is, how long until she gives birth and when to seperate? You’ll find it really difficult to find out the sex of your pleco if he or she isn’t fully developed yet.If your fish is an adult, you should be able to tell its gender by doing the following:Check the shape of its forehead. (called GRAVID) in egg-layers. Tiger barbs are actually egg layers, so they won't get "pregnant" per say. 1) is anyone able to tell the gender of this molly? Look at the area where the stomache is if she is pregnant there will be a dark round area underneath it, and the skin will be a bit transluscent and you may be able to see the babies. They don’t get pregnant but a male bristlenose pleco will entice a female bristlenose pleco into a flower pot or cave where she will lay her eggs and he will fertilize them. The black one is who I assume is male and the female is gold I'm guessing. The eggs are then cared for by the male until they hatch in a few days. ... how to tell if it is pregnant or about to lay eggs . « Reply #11 on: June 02, 2012, 11:55:13 am » I think the other female is ready to lay some in the next few days, if i go on the size of the female that laid today, I'm going to make sure its a different male that mates with her too so no inter-breeding. that grow up to 6". I just set up my fish tank. Well, they don't really get pregnant. But here's the thing, we added 3 Pleco's to the tank and I drop their food in when the lights go out and I know the Platies are eating the Plecos food. I had one female give birth to 8 broods and she was only with a male for about 3 days. How Long Are Molly Fish Pregnant For. I can’t tell if maybe I have introduced the opposite gender or what and I feel awful for our new fish. Females tend to have rounded foreheads that bulge out slightly. Common plecos mainly eat plant matter when they’re young, but they start to eat a much meater diet as they get older. If you have a male with a female molly for more then 5 minutes, chances are she's pregnant. If you have a heavily planted tank, you may find some of your plants have ben "dug up" if you add a pleco … Bristlenose pleco, on the other hand, can only grow within the range of 4-6 inches over the same period. Aquarium fish vary within the way they reproduce. maximum fish have a gravid spot on the backside area of their tail-section, yet because of the fact the Molly is black, the black spot won't be in a position to be considered. Most freshwater aquarists have added them to a tank at one time or another. The majority of Plecos are brown in color; however certain species’ … You can also provide structures that can serve as a hiding space to enhance their compatibility with other fish.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'helpusfish_com-netboard-1','ezslot_12',121,'0','0'])); Compatible tank mates for blue phantom pleco fish include. Shes hiding behind the filter and next to the heater. Betta fish are known for their intense reaction when put in the same bowl as another betta. I want to find this out because I want to see if its eating, If its not eating its not pooping? The 'comets' and 'fantails' for sale in pet stores are very young fish and no where near maturity. Explicitly state what your concerns are, please. After a week I bought 6 fish. In reality, it is only the male betta that are aggressive. Usually the neon will breed when you see the male start paying more attention and chasing the female. I have two dalmation mollys and I think one is pregnant. How to Tell if Balloon Molly is Pregnant? Plecos have also been known to "dig" under plants to hide, dislodging the plants. Becareful not to … Koi do not get pregnant and are not live-bearers. Maybe you took a second glance at her and wondered if something was wrong or if she might be pregnant. Help/Advice. I think one is male and one is female. Here is a picture of a gravid (pregnant) female bristlenose plecostomus- Essentially she will look like she was enjoying the good life, getting fat and happy due to all that zucchini you gave her . Hello, You are in luck. Large-sized pregnant females may give birth to up to a hundred fry (baby fish) all at once. 2) If she is female could she be pregnant? Not even sure if the Plecos are eating. Will it float? If a pleco is found eating a dead fish, it was either dead or nearly dead by the time the pleco got to it. Mine was pregnant when I got her but I did not know because She was not showing but I’m about to end up with more baby mollies also I was reading somewhere that even if a male is not present within the tank when she does end up pregnant that she can stay pregnant for a few months because they have this thing that’s called a sperm Sac so they can re-fertlize their self for some time. Posted by 4 hours ago. that's an extremely good question! So I have a few questions.