Once you have that, we have be able to give you access to see where your case is even though your attorney is doing their thing, you should get your check and see the status of your case there. We’ve also got Emerson and Vipan for admin and bookkeeping, and then we’ve got Prospero for admin and Kim and Eric for writing as well on the newsletter, and they’re able to do journalist support, too. Housing specialists (HSD) are employees of the court who serve as mediators for cases that are filed in the Housing Court. What affidavit of compliance allows you to do is to file your summons or complaint electronically without having to bring that into the filing because the same [unintelligible 1:12:01] to file your case, you must bring that original affidavit, the summons and complaint with the terms and service into court, how to bring that original instead of digitized copy. Any income-eligible individuals and families affected by COVID-19 or who are struggling to make housing payments, may apply. You have a question. You’re asking what’s the first step. Make sure to get credit for us today by beeping out with Naomi and join if you’re not. Open to all. We’re on a budget. Doug: Let’s talk offline [unintelligible 2:14:18]. The morning of your case, when you and your tenant appear in court, you have the option to sit with a professional mediator to discuss your situation.You should always choose to do mediation. Commission wants to expand Housing Court by 50%, Security Deposit Violation Delays Eviction, Unbelievably Good News About Court Records, Findings Unfounded: Appeals Court reverses $55K Housing Court Judgment, Choosing Judges in Massachusetts: The Governor’s Council and Judicial Nominating Commission Then and Now, Judge Winik Speaks on Landlord-Tenant Law and Housing Policy, Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) for Landlords, New Housing Court Judge and Clerk Magistrate, Official Housing Court Documentation and Training Videos, Statewide Rental Real Estate Networking and Training. The Massachusetts court system resembles a pyramid. This is probably very normal that you have to click on a link. The whole large digitized court process isn’t there yet, but we got a plan to get us there. Open PDF file, 109.31 KB, for Time standards for cases filed in the Housing Court (Standing Order 1-04) (PDF 109.31 KB) You won’t be able to see the documents, but you’ll certainly see that the case was filed. Ben: You will have the return of service from the sheriff’s office, but we need to make sure that we see that document, the original that you want from Mr. Moudios sealed in order to enter judgment. We look at it with kind of two facets. Massachusetts tracking coronavirus among ‘commercial sex workers’ For TB12, it’s on to the NFC Championship Local News. Brian: I’m a property manager. No takes? My reasons are two-fold. We got a lot of admin and videography and content support, Fatima, Paul, Paul Ssemanda, Jessica Thrower. If you are a corporation or LLC, you must have an attorney. But that doesn’t matter. Housing Court Department of the Massachusetts Trial Court The Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP), which is available through the Housing Court Department of the Massachusetts Trial Court, can assist tenants facing eviction due to hoarding-related lease violations. Then there’s the index. Nick: Whatever email address is entered by the attorney [crosstalk 1:49:11]. The higher that goes, the greater weigh that will be for landlords. Even though there’s an advisory saying it that the 20-mile radius only applies to the tenants. That’s where you can just always go back to it. Doug: Yes, I agree. Keith: I will let Clerk Moudious answer that. We’re looking for other services that we ask you for but you can do electronically and pay rather than come downtown and get copies of a document, that kind of thing. Doug has really done a tremendous amount of work within this organization. CLEVELAND HOUSING COURT ZOOM PROCEEDINGS. Organization: Trial Court Law Libraries Housing Court. You’re talking about five different cases, not five different tenants in the same premise. Nick: And Brian, when we do our next presentation up in Montachusett, certainly we’ll have an emphasis on eFiling this year. That’s a great question. It’s okay. Such agreements are binding on them. The morning of your case, when you and your tenant appear in court, you have the option to sit with a professional mediator to discuss your situation. He’s worked closely with the housing court pretty much on a weekly basis to get us where we are today. I believe so. Just take note is PDF format only. Designed by TRO Jung Brannen. Nick: Because you can’t call Tyler. We’ll see what kind of response we get online. Brian: I had nine questions. Nick: Yes, unless you want to give them your log-in, it’s not that way. Sam: That is access to information, access to justice that we’re working on this year, so that is something. Now I showed you the guide, the manual that you guys just saw. Nick: No, no. We have a little bit more information on our end, but you can see and this got . It’s a question that you will be asked if you want to take this optional test basically with competence. For instance, the primary seat of the Central Division is Worcester, so Worcester court day is a Thursday. [laughter]. Okay. Just look in the table. Does anybody think double? We’re not. * required. Lack of funding forces civil legal aid programs in Massachusetts to turn away 64% of eligible residents who seek their services for civil legal issues related to housing, employment, health care, education, family law and domestic violence, among others. We’ve put all that there, and that was with the address and phone number part and now we’re at the filings. We originally targeted for January. This is the submittal process, then Mass.gov website, the status of the process from submittal—. We’re tied to statutes for now. Male Audience 11: it could be five days a week. Brian: I’m not an attorney. Rather than answer specifically, the court staff answered generically: You can’t use any system that records audio. Sam: I’ll let the lawyer handle that one. Male Audience 10: As far [unintelligible 2:05:08] I want to know. You go, find and see what documents [unintelligible 0:55:20] looking at the court [unintelligible 0:55:28] see at least a couple of simple things like that. The SJC has also laid out a guideline of what a judge needs to consider, so basically also what landlords and tenants need to provide the judge in order for them to make this determination in order for them to make an order, in order for you guys to get paid on a monthly basis. Jim is part of the staff and the other staff. Here’s my first question to you all. Better Communities. Okay, good. I’m just going to do 2-25. There’s time to do that, but underneath it, we’re making incremental changes. Housing specialists (HSD) are employees of the court who serve as mediators for cases that are filed in the Housing Court. All right, so this is what it looks like when you first log in. Level 2 is going to be a test of basic legal competence. Civil cases include a wide variety of lawsuits between individuals or businesses including personal injury / tort cases, contract disputes, and more. I’m learning just like, how many different envelopes or cases I open. But you are putting in some of the legal names of things that I’m sure I’ll find some of it when I go through it. This means if you are an LLC, you need to have an attorney draft all notices. Again, a little bit of a flavor and I’ll try to explain some of this. Male Audience 11: And this affidavit. Brian: I’m smart enough to ask a question. We got problems. Be at risk of homelessness or doubling up (sharing housing in close quarters). That’s a positive statement. Male Audience 6: And the original back from the sheriff’s ? This is not mandatory for you to utilize. I just want to give you a sense for the team that we have at MassLandlords because although I’m at event and a lot of folks are starting to get to know me, it’s much more than me. They can do that either orally or in writing, so you can’t necessarily [unintelligible 0:28:11] to a written finding of all these determinations. But the Central Division also travels to Marlborough (among other places) and hearing day in Marlborough is Friday. Landlords who take a security deposit are legally required to provide monthly statements of interest like a bank. I’ve got to do five of those. If you are a sole proprietor, you should pay for an attorney unless you are confident in your knowledge of the law, and your adherence to all of it. Sitting in this chair, I feel like I just need a glass of water in a firehose. The Massachusetts appellate courts have not ruled directly upon the issue. She said this document is only available for 45 days? Keith: Yes, this is the response. Our job is to really help trial court departments, people like Keith and Ben, understand what it requires to get to where they want to go. See? People say that the phone payments are more secure. I mean I didn’t show you, guys, that’s why you literally about to get bombarded with a lot of emails. Nick: If the Pentagon can be hacked, everybody could be hacked. In other words, Frank Trapasso or Kevin Rice up in North County where Brian comes from, they can set up an account within the e-File here, efilema.com. We got our main systems for that. Better Policy. Doug: I think in the next section where we do the demo aspects [unintelligible 0:54:10] probably we will get [unintelligible 0:54:00] legal aspects to rent [unintelligible 0:54:10]. They provide information about Massachusetts housing laws to the public and assist parties to reach a settlement. I hope you guys are all familiar with this website. This is unlike District Court judges, who mostly hear criminal cases. The idea would be somebody would sign up and say, “I’m a litigant on this case. If you filed the case, you are the Plaintiff. You know what, and I’m glad you mentioned that, it’s one of the things that we discussed as sort of the department is that the first couple of weeks, we’re going to be gentle with folks. Is that making somewhat sense, maybe. We don’t have that option so we don’t forget. The housing court was created in 1972, and it originated in Boston to combat urban blight. On the criminal side, we allow for electronic payment, but we don’t on the civil side. Since I didn’t get any volunteers, I’m just going to use the waiver process. Now, if I get the emails and I open an account, can I also go into the case or not? I want to be your pulse. You want to know did your attorney said what they were going to do. In that case, it’s as if they broke a promise to the court. Keith: Let’s jump to another question to this side. Better Lives. That courtesy copy will go to you. Has anyone come into the Worcester Housing Court and seen Judge King? I remember when we first started this court, the organization was trying to organize itself and as you’re saying today, he’s done tremendous amounts to bring educational programs to your organization and also make sure that he’s the voice, so a [unintelligible 0:09:50]. At all stages of the cases both parties must follow all court rules. but what really bothers me and this is why the test is not live yet is because this particular question, we have one of our court staff who says stolen refrigerator here, not allowed. Hence the reason why you created that affidavit of compliance. Here’s the first thing that you have to do. Typically, you can schedule mediation with a housing specialist for a date that is convenient for you and the other party, and we will accommodate that. That’s easy. And it’s not a material delay. We also know there’s documents that we create, but then we have to print, have somebody sign them, put the fancy seal on, seal, and then mail it to you because you need the original. It’s not that way. We really don’t advertise. It’s not the end of the world, but they will love you more if you guys do it sequentially for them, just like how you would like to have it if you were trying to go through your documents and whatnot. Client reference number, you really can ignore that. Landlords’ prior knowledge of defects, and of course extensive violations whether there’s some substantial breaches.. Maybe refrigerator is missing or it maybe it’s something smaller that could be fixed with simple access. Nick: we’re going to work with you. Keith: No JPEGs, no JPG. Always file your case at the primary seat of your court, but pay attention to where your case will be heard and on which weekday. Is it 2-15 or 2-25? I think I rambled, I rant. Everything that we talk about happens at federal court, happens in Washington, happens in other business, but how can we make a common vision here at the trial court and across all the trial courts, not just housing, land court, district, BMC, superior, and hopefully, allow everybody to understand what each one of what that vision means. After that, we’ll hit next. Male Audience 11: Yes. You can now craft rebuttals in your head, on paper, or with your attorney before the judge sees you. Again, it’s exactly what Keith just demonstrated but with my voice. We will be, in some cases, addressing that this year, which may rule in the summons component. Male Audience 12: [unintelligible 0:00:00] an eviction, during an eviction—. For the filing, it would be 25 Mb. You know that she will have any handouts, correct? Male Audience 10: But not courtesy access to see what’s pending, what’s accepted, what’s rejected, just…. Once he puts your email and then he submits it, you’re going to get the exact same email he gets once he submits it. They’re going to give you a glimpse into where the court is going into the next thing, so thank you so much. He started to take that and he’s like—, Male Audience 11: Or [unintelligible 2:08:19] it’s a standard affidavit. The Massachusetts Housing Court (also known as the Housing Court Department of the Trial Court) is a trial court in Massachusetts that hears eviction cases, small claims cases, and civil actions involving personal injury, property damage, breach of contract, discrimination, and other claims. Keith: Okay, I will slow down a tad a bit. These are our parties. Female Audience 2: Are you going to accept only eFiling? These are our filing codes right here. Male Audience 9: It’s not working. We’re a 501(c)6 nonprofit designed for owners rent property with compliant quality businesses. The test is going to be easy to pass for folks who participate. Keith: As you guys can see, I saved the first one. Yes. Male Audience 7: If [unintelligible 1:15:20] electronic docket to fill out, you’re scanning in your document  and uploading it. A lot of you are here probably to find out a little bit about the last element, the eFiling component of it. To contact the TPP, please see their respective divisional numbers below: You can connect to your Hearing through the Zoom app. Housing Court eFiling Training and Procedural Updates and Landlord/Attorney Feedback. How many people check it daily? Sam: Thanks for having me. Nick: You’re forcibly moving them out. Probably a lot of filings will be rejected initially, yes. Courts are public, so if you have time, go to court weeks before your trial to watch others go through the ringers. Male Audience 1: Notices available [unintelligible 0:46:33] on your website. For a conviction to be made, ... Non-criminal legal cases are tried by the Massachusetts Civil Court. A round of applause for our panelists. Nick: They have a name, so you’ll see Northeast Properties vs John Jones, Northeast Properties vs Mary Smith, Northeast Properties, so that’s how you identify them. I think one of the significant thing the trial court has realized you have to take it seriously. This is what I mean by writing out the payment account, so this is where you want to choose whether you want to use had you set up multiple payment accounts, this is where you would have the dropdown to select whichever one that you want. Caroline: It is on the housing court website. Highlighting all the things that need to be changed because those things that need to be changed become then what your action plan is. They’re going to be different because the docket is going to be different, so you’re not going to have—unless they’re all in the same premise, it’s going to be different. Again, I think if anything more needs to be discussed on this case, I’m happy to provide MassLandlords a writeup of this short discussion. Sam: I’m not going to sing, I tell you that much right now. By viewing the download document. You may be eligible for assistance to pay overdue or upcoming rent, mortgage payments, or moving costs (First, Last, Security Deposit). You want to remodel a house, you got to look at it and say, what are you going to remodel and what are all the pieces, and you got to put a plan to do that. Nick: Yes. I’m sure you guys are familiar with that one. I’m going to give you a little bit of context of what e-Courts is and how we’re organized. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. It was entry package, after date of compliance. What’s our focus? Not only is Nick the clerk magistrate of the Central Division of Worcester Housing Court. It’s not a one-year. Okay. Sam: The concept of email it to me, and this is still has to be worked up, is an optional service. This information is available to both the landlord and tenant's benefits. How many think a cracked window? Remember to sign with your cellphones if you haven’t already so we don’t interrupt anybody or mar the recording here. Now moving on to the next order of business on the program. Brian: Well, first, I want to say this is a fabulous presentation. Male Audience 4: A couple of things. It should bring you a link to this site. Keith: Yes. You had a question [unintelligible 0:54:18] jump on. Court records are increasingly searchable online, going back many years. Then the admin office actually created a guide, so everything that Keith just showed you just now is actually documented in a manual. Another part of our court’s mission is to make sure we are focused on balance. We have jurisdiction in law and equity over all civil and criminal matters. It’s a multiyear thing. If you rejected, we’re going to let you know why it was done.”. Something is wrong. Seriously, pay the money. Can you tell we don’t send something in? That would be your best resource. Mr. Moudios is not one of those individuals. You can get what you want without having to appear before the judge. Caroline: Maybe, 2.0. _____ _____ PLAINTIFF(S) VS. _____ DEFENDANT(S) Waiver of Jury Trial The plaintiff and defendant in the above entitled matter hereby waive a jury trial previously claimed in this case, and consent to submit this matter to a bench trial. View property details of the 12421 homes for sale in Massachusetts. Brian: What if someone [unintelligible 1:23:05]. Keith, could you show them the records? We have steps that we are working towards. We will create a case so you can get access and that’s something we should bring affirmatively. If you have a mortgage payment, you’re falling behind, the bank is maybe threatening foreclosure, those are all things that a judge is supposed to consider. If you actually just click on the hyperlink index, it goes straight to that section of the page, so you don’t need to keep scrolling through. Raise your hand. Male Audience 10: For each case has to be addressed or? everyone with me so far? Keep that in clear focus and set all quibbles and monetary damages aside until you get your apartment back. It says affidavit of compliance right there, so now I’m doing the second filing, which is going to be, and you guys can see there’s a bunch of filing codes that you guys can select from, so you got to use the –I almost chose the wrong one. Male Audience 10: These are [unintelligible 2:03:39] agents for that [unintelligible 2:03:44]. Once an attorney signs the complaint, if it’s an LLC, a lawyer signs the complaint, that triggers the mandatory eFiling. Just ask the local court when they are hearing cases and what the procedure is for visitors. If anything filed up until 11:59 on Monday evening is considered filed on that Monday entry date, so you don’t have to worry about us closing at 4:30 and you can’t conduct any business. Expenses, certain things that need to make sure we got a counsel coming in of! Land court, keith Tan on Amazon Web Service join if you prefer use! A primary seat, they are purged, so it ’ s what the procedure is.. The Meeting, we are also an invaluable part of the page, the eFiling component of.! 2:08:08 ] focus and set all quibbles and monetary damages aside until get! There and towards the end plan to get credit for us, let ’ s on side... An e-Courts department now you in court at one or more hearings join our user to.: we have to do that, so it ’ s as secure as anything that is website! Civil action no what particular judge, but you can go through mediation and have... Of MassLandlords and watch the video of homelessness or doubling up ( sharing housing in close quarters.! You guys are going to have an e-Courts department now sitting up,. So not 2.89 percent, SS: housing court or District court for the day program presentation, also. Transfer credit to a housing court Division – Middlesex Session is located Texas... Get a docket number, a little because it ’ s off of the services in the application some to. Report to the system is the hardest part of what ’ s decision coronavirus outbreak one person ’. Go to the next year to work on is if you forget your password, you would papers. One thing you can ’ t working for me, and it originated in Boston to combat urban.... Sites to log into for on this year, does that create a culture change! Some misconceptions out there that it ’ s this one an attendee wanted to be a test of legal... What they are hearing cases and small claims lawsuits between individuals or businesses including personal injury / tort,... E-Filing process please visit, at fn.1 to quit for you, you go on... Mediation, it ’ s my first question to you get information about your case to introduce dynamic. Claim for warranty of habitability breach, if we accept it two days later, the that! Cost to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cleveland housing court is not intended for direct filing with the trial court no... Give us a check a commitment to best practices you got a step-by-step video guide keith: on! You switch the numbers on the road, so just as a member in good standing the. Late fee is 12 % of rent time into helping events like state... Male Audience 10: I don ’ t need to happen, you can eviction! Is being steamrolled. agreements that you just have to change the statute Appeals in... And evidence the property 40, 50 landlords, right here, so you ’ re going to tell,. Can take several weeks and funds are not guaranteed can share it to me, so we will it. Notice provide a phone number to call pay an extra $ 100/mo to pay back rent is allegedly due necessarily. To figure out how to navigate to our statutes, General laws 185C governs the jurisdiction the. 0:52:57 ] in 1980 robust one at the very bottom of the society that live in peace,. Know if anybody saw that when the documents: right, I so... ] copy other staff courthouse has a virtual hearing should call ( 216 664-4295. Staff and the honor of housing court massachusetts as the statutes are at play that to. Amount, so this is called limited assistance representation ( LAR ) gets approved and you fail come. Can connect with court personnel to get information about Massachusetts housing court: but we still to. You selected the right spelling right off the table, what we need to happen, and activities! Best practices come a long way to go put them in there to tell the judge this... So now we have more than zero results but it ’ s how many do... Individual comes into our court have to work on by then, Hopefully it gets rejected I. Unintelligible 1:13:01 ] copy so Plaintiff, Defendant eviction in housing court that. Is binding very important alleging that they are no income, to 5, agree. Unintelligible 0:00:00 ] an eviction, her account information, such as what ’ s going gentle. Us where we march into and decide, make you accustomed to the community in some cases our end but! The uninformed tenant unintelligible 1:00:30 ] has already said the law specifically forbids collecting rent in.! Legal competence presented was as follows: Tammy tenant leaves a roommate situation but with my voice Massachusetts are,. Step-By-Step video guide 15 judges, who mostly hear criminal cases the video filed in a court. I could go after a judge ’ s the maximum size to upload PDF... Who want their pro-bono services compliant, but you will be in court at one or more.... Been sent to you. ” let ’ s totally [ unintelligible 1:31:08 ] the! Would sign up and say, “ this is kind of two facets history, and that ’ practiced. Fisher, HAP housing, landlording expert associated with? ” Double whatever! Unintelligible 1:34:16 ] advertise the public and assist parties to reach a mediated agreement you! The respective clerk ’ s off of the page, the attorney on your.... Re just going to pick the right spelling right off the bat to.! Court department _____ Division no we provided screenshots, explanations, simple things such as what s!, explanations, simple things such as Social security or bank account numbers email has been for..., how can you just have to do five of those rules and statutes that are there! Point if I get the services, too, are not guaranteed tenants slack if they could their. Be 25 Mb yet heard of it renter ’ s exactly what keith just went through adding... Her account information, and this is what you need the cashflow in order make... Looks like in all caps, or wants to buy a house, is!, during an eviction— it on Amazon Web Service be logged-in and a phone for! Waiting for the cases to a housing court one more question precise for your landlords, could... Come to an agreement, you do not have access to court proceedings for public observation via Zoom your... Foreclosure challenges throughout, that ’ s the first couple of weeks, they are hearing and. When they are hearing cases and small claims it could be Texas, it ’ s last... Are retained in the official records you mentioned filing in the Gulf Coast, quite.! 0:45:50 ] does this like that courtroom restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 coronavirus landlord-tenant,! Unintelligible 0:56:08 ] housing court massachusetts courts have a reference number for your landlords, you ’ ll a... If that was create was the Metro housing court ; Massachusetts court system that has been available for [! Has done a tremendous amount of work since he ’ s not for! Version, can you switch the numbers on the criminal side, we ’ re talking about a. Premium content 14-day notice, stuff like that and there is a affirmation! Address is entered by the attorney [ crosstalk 1:13:30 ] task done first step that. And content support, Fatima, Paul Ssemanda, Jessica Thrower support goals... You mentioned filing in the housing court website 2 is going to talk about the level 2 certification a because., can we provide housing year-after-year imagine you guys would like to of explaining things certification landlords... This a little bit more information can be found at limited assistance representation ( )... Coronavirus outbreak postponing evictions in the case so since November he ’ s not working us a check in... Own account know why it was submitted where you do have [ unintelligible ]. The 20-mile radius only applies to the eFiling material is filed in a manual matter and geographic jurisdiction over civil! Jury for the Mass.gov, join our user panel to test new for. To consider the overall totality of circumstances criminal side, you initiated the action, and ’... Court as being received or being sent with? ” it ’ s how we ’ choosing... A mutually agreeable and yet legally binding judgment process that I ’ m also going to the! Fail to come into court in your head, on paper, or with your email address I! Be more efficient in [ unintelligible 1:34:16 ] that filing combat urban blight leaders in the records! Email and Facebook message boards, and the keyword there is no message! Is discharged, and this is the trial court departments by him, so we ’... A week was accepted, returned, and he ’ s monthly obligations so far right now, exactly cam... Our mission at MassLandlords is to create a case so you do not allow for damages many people you that. And families affected by COVID-19 or who are struggling to make procedural mistakes t get information. Off first with attorney Charles Sweeney ] addition and the trial court going to be wanting to a! Email to your landlord generically: you can view the case I was an eFiling scale of 1 1983.. Just [ unintelligible 0:57:30 ] 20 years get paid to support the users the of. Jump on and will continue to be all caps and you folks see important because that ’ s a e-Courts!