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About The Gold Standard Preparatory School Guide & Ranking

The Gold Standard Preparatory School Guide & Ranking was created to help parents choose the right Preparatory School for their child/children.

There are over 200 Preparatory Schools across the island and we have had telephone calls and emails from parents expressing a need of help in their desire to choose the right preparatory school.

An article published in the Jamaica Observer over 2 years ago, made reference to the fact that some people believe many of the preparatory schools were “glorified primary schools" and as a result, we have been receiving many emails from parents asking us for help in deciding which preparatory school to send their children. Educate Jamaica has prepared a useful guide to help parents with this process. This guide will be updated annually and will present information using the latest data available on the performance of each preparatory school.

Our Gold Standard Preparatory School Guide & Ranking examines the over 200 Preparatory Schools across the island and present ones to the public that we believe are the good to great preparatory schools. There are other preparatory schools out there that others may think are good, however our ranking criteria may not capture them because they have not met our minimum requirement to be included. Our criteria is well tailored as well as rigorous.

We felt the need to set a more rigorous criteria because our research indicated that parents were spending between $1.5-$3 million over 6 years of preparatory school ( excluding nursery & kindergarten), to get their child/children into an excellent Secondary school.

Our Gold Standard Guide & Ranking doesn't only make reference to the academic performance of each school, it has gone beyond academics to capture a holistic developmental perspective of the child. It does this by looking at 9 additional areas that parents can combine with the academic performance, when they are attempting to making a decision about which school to choose. Our focus is on getting parents to make a more inform decision when selecting a preparatory school for their child. The 9 areas are:

  1. Academic performance (Reputation of sending children to top performing CSEC schools)
  2. Quality of Curriculum activities such as music, ICT, Drama and Modern Foreign Languages (e.g. Spanish & French)
  3. Extra curricula activities
  4. Class sizes
  5. Quality Special Educational Needs programme
  6. Medical resources including the training of staff to respond to medical needs and emergencies.
  7. Quality of buildings and equipment
  8. Safety and security
  9. Competitive sports and the school’s record and level of involvement in competitive sports.


Criteria used for the rankings:

To establish the rankings we looked at the most recent 5 years of available GSAT data on all Preparatory Schools (2011-2015) and we averaged each subject across the five years and then we averaged the combined 5 year averages of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. Once we have done that, we then add this to the 5 years average of the exam called Composition to arrive at our final score.

A school has to be averaging a minimum of 80% over a 5 years period across the areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts as well as a minimum score of 9 points averaged over the same 5 years period to qualify for our rankings. We also require the school to average 5 or more students who are put forward each year to do the GSAT exams.