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What is the 2030 Community Hub & Why a Community Hub?


Educate Jamaica 2030 COMMUNITY HUB, is a community development project which focuses on positively impacting communities and strengthening families. The 3 areas the COMMUNITY HUB seek to impact are Education, Health and Social Care. Educate Jamaica believes that no Jamaican should be left behind.

Our community impact hub seeks to take action to drive positive social, environmental and economic change within communities in which our hubs exist.

Our community hubs bring together a range of services, provided by a diverse range of organisations into one central community building. From leisure to advice, support and learning, our community hub is there to provide a local area with quality provision in a modern and welcoming space.


Our community hubs provide services for all age ranges and all social groups. We believe a hub should promote inclusion, social cohesion and community development in everything it does. Services should be innovative, inclusive and targeted toward the needs of the local area.


Recent research has shown that there is a greater take up and user rate of ‘helpful services’ by individuals when the services are brought nearer to them. Issues such as transportation cost puts people off accessing vital services and help they need. Also because of the location of some of these communities they miss out on vital resources, help and vital services. Our Community Hubs are seeking to supporting communities in accessing the help, resources and services they need.

We believe that developing a common way of working together and a shared language and vision are vital in creating a successful Community Hub.

A community partnership group plays a key role in starting and growing a Hub. It also ensures that the needs of local families are at the centre of Hub planning and action.

The 2030 community hubs are ‘Impact Hubs’ geared towards supporting the residents of communities in alleviating the challenges they are facing such as teenage pregnancy, youth crime & violence, adult crime & violence, food and care for the elderly etc. It is also geared towards working with communities in the three (3) main areas of EDUCATION, HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE across the different age groups.

Our Hubs provide a focus for local community activity and bring residents together to improve their quality of life.  They are accessible to all groups and people in the neighbourhoods and wards which they serve.

Why 2030?

According to the United Nations 2030 initiative and the Government of Jamaica, it is hoped that Jamaica will become a developed economy by the year 2030.


Our Community Hub Model

The theme of our community hub is 'STRENGTHENING FAMILIES' and this was selected as the theme because we believe the family is the core unit of any society that seeks a healthy and prosperous development. Without stable and healthy family units the society will face many social challenges which comes at a significant cost.

In tackling the identified challenges within the communities, we will approach it in three (3) ways. They are:

1.    Specialist approach

2.    Universal approach

3.    Targeted approach


In order to meet the needs of the "hard-to-reach," it’s a requirement that we invest in community outreach. The main goal of the community outreach is to reach the "yet-to-be-reached."


People use the word "outreach" to describe a wide range of activities, from actual delivery of services to dissemination of information.

In many areas of the populations -- such as the elderly, teenage pregnancy, minorities, or hard to reach youth, outreach is the primary method of service. 



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