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About Universal Jobs in Education

Universal Jobs in Education (Jamaica) is the formalisation of an industry to deliver better and a more cost-friendly service to schools and organisations. Universal Jobs In Education (UJIE), is the hub for all available jobs in education and this hub as it suggests is the ‘one place’ where everyone across Jamaica come to find their job in education. We utilise 4 platforms to deliver this great service to our clients and the wider public, which makes our service very accessible and expansive. This service is powered by Educate Jamaica Recruitment Services, which is a division of Educate Jamaica, and is managed by The Services Team.

Schools have asked for a space they can use to be more expressive, when recruiting people. They have said a small box with word restrictions isn’t enough to use when they are trying to find the best person to fill the vacancy they have. They would like the opportunity to say more about the job as well as the kind of person they are looking for to fill the vacancy. They have also cited the high cost as a discontentment and would rather a more cost-friendly service because of the limited budget they have to spend. Current services have ignored the fact that schools don’t have much money in their budget and have effectively priced schools out of accessing a good quality service.

This hub was created so we can have one central place where people who work in education or people who are looking for work in education can find the jobs that are of interest to them. Education is a special industry and so are the people who work in it. A career in education is a great career to have and we would like to play our part in promoting the industry.

There are various roles in education which includes teachers, bursars, caretakers, school nurse, canteen staff, caretaker, lecturers etc. and Educate Jamaica Recruitment Services (EJRS) is focused on creating a space where people who are recruiting to fill education roles, can meet those who are interested in working in education.

This hub takes a targeted-approach as it relates to recruitment. As an expert in recruiting specifically for education, we don't believe in throwing our nets out there in hoping of catching a fish or two, we throw our nets where we know the fish are. Our approach to recruitment is measured and aims to make recruitment more affordable. We aim to deliver a service that is always second to none and seeks continually to raise the standard of recruitment available to schools and other organisations who are recruiting to fill education relates jobs.

Universal jobs In Education (Jamaica) has quickly established itself as a premium education recruitment service at a cost-friendly price. We believe that services delivered to schools should be of a good quality and cost-friendly.

Universal Jobs in Education (Jamaica) delivers a better service and platform for education recruitment. This is education Recruitment as it should be.